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Anyone help?

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Hi All,


I was hoping that one of the experts might give me a heads up with a new boot selection, sadly we have no boot fitters where I live; that needs a plane or boat trip!


Standing up my feet in cms are:


              Left            Right

Length  26.5           26.6

Width    10.2            10.3

Instep    6.5              7.0

Calf        3.6              3.6


Height 5 11 Weight 160lbs


I have been skiing for many years in a pair of Dynafit Competition 3Fs, which are now just about at the end of their days. I guess I am on the Advanced side of Intermediate, did some racing when I was younger but now getting on and just enjoy the snow and the new shaped and rockered skis, my boards used to be 205 Atomics - those were the days! 


Am I right in thinking a 26/26.5 mondo boot will be the correct length for me, or does the length vary between brands even though the boxes will say a 26 or 26.5? I believe that most brands these days have the same shell size for a 26 and 26.5.


I know that boot volume will vary between brands and given my dimensions above anyone got any advice on what might prove to be a suitable brand to consider, given that the width of my feet seems to rule out a 100mm width boot, or again is that an incorrect assumption!


I was thinking about the Atomic Hawx range and the Dalbello Axion or Pro range for the shell, and then get a custom footbed with maybe a ZipFit or Intuition liner if they work better; I know one step at a time, and that the shell size and check is all important.


Thanks for any thoughts guys, and apologies for the barrage of questions.

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i am guessing that the first 3 measurements are in cm but what is the calf measurement in?? a 3.6 cm calf is like my little finger???


impossible to say exactly what boot will work but based on your measurements the biggest boot you will be in would be a 26.5 shell, you will likely get into a 25.5 in a few models, it all depends on how your foot fits in the shell in terms of length, width and overall volume, and how much skiing you are doing, some people tolerate a tighter for than others, there are just too many factors in play


to get this right i think you are going to have to take that plane or boat ride and find a good fitter as anything we tell you on here is a pure guess, how about your next ski trip, where are you heading we may be able to suggest a fitter in that resort so you can work with them and get boots sorted



if all else fails buy red ones as they are faster, but there is a rumour flying about that blue is more comfortablewink.gif

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