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Lift Vertical Stats?

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Did some searching and could not find a resource that keeps track of lift vertical.


To me this is more important than true vertical particularly in the Northeast.  I've been to many resorts have lifts that run from the base to the top but very rarely do I want to ski from top down base again.  I want to know what the actual vertical of the lifts I like to ride.  For example:


  • Mt. Snow:  No Bluebird Express for me, I ride the 2 lifts on the North Face.
  • Gore:  Skip the Gondola and ride the Straight Brook Quad (why in the world did they replace the old Gondola that took you to the top with the new on e that stops just past midway).
  • Jay:  Rarely ride the tram.  On the Freezer most of the time unless it's really cold then I go and ski the small hill.
  • Hunter:  Skip the Kattskill Flyer and ride the two lifts at Hunter West
  • Sugarbush:  Summit Quad?  That lift's not on the mountain where I ski


There are countless others...


So is there a resource someone can point me to that lists the actual vertical serviced by a lift at a given resort?

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Here's one I use, but it is very cumbersome.  It lists chairlift length/vertical by year of installation first, then by name of lift or ski area second.  So you have to page through the years to find the stats on the specific lift you are interested in.  But it works.

BTW, the rest of that website can be pretty interesting too.


Another way is even more hit or miss, check trail maps and ski area websites for mountain statistics.



PS:  I agree with you about the importance of lift vertical and often mention it in my detailed trip reports.  Coming from a vertically challenged part of the ski world I get a kick out of big long lifts, even ones that have a low length to vertical ratio (another important stat that tells you about the quality of terrain served by a lift) such as the Killington Skyeship Gondola.

Trivia:  one of the most remarkable ski areas in Eastern North America for the kind of stat you are looking at is Le Massif, Quebec.  They have only four major lifts (IIRC) and each rises 2000 vertical feet +/- and have long length too approaching the 8000' ballpark.

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Maybe with 10000 members, Epic can create its own database?  I certainly have all the lift stats here.  (The trail map is actually not 100% right unless the mountain and the lifts are growing and shrinking year to year)

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The site gives a over view of most vertical skiable in one shot from top of lift serviced

area,. but not individual lifts. The biggest vertical off a single lift in B.C and Alberta is the gondola at Kicking Horse followed by the gondolas at Whistler and Revy all around 4000'. Most areas individual lifts are in the 1500 to 2500 range.

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Thanks... This is exactly what i was looking for.  It's the right combination of quality and quantity that I'd rather ski than just vertical.  Too often I go to a big mountain and find what I'm interested in skiing is actually a small section of the resort.  Just a quick look at a couple of places that I've been the most often:


at Jay the Jet Triple is 1160, the Freezer is 1620 and the tram is 2050 vertical.

at MRG the single is 1972 and Sunnyside Double is 1400 vertical.


The extra 1-1/2 hour drive up North to Jay (for me) is for the snow.  Not the vertical/size.


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