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My POW on the snowboard world championship in Oslo.

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So for the last 10 days I've been taking my clients down the steepest slopes Oslo can offer, just to show them ( and see for myself ) what the true athletes can do ( I only teach slalom and XC - and can teach Mono-ski, but that seems to be soooo out, I don't snowboard ). The clients that I've taken down these slopes in Oslo Winterpark vary in age from 7 to 70+ years old. 


After taking them down safely and showing them our new super pipe, and what has to be the sickest slope-style run ever, it's been a pleasure to show them what the best boarders in the world can do, for them to see with their own eyes through practice, qualifying and today finals, I've gotten quite a few questions - can you do this or that, teach?

Being a firm believer in karma, my reply has always been: No!


I like skiing fast, GS was always my best discipline back in the days - but I couldn't and wouldn't ever try to do what these boarders do, and knowing my limits this is a sound decision - sick, sick, sick. All racers making it to the finals are true winners in my book, and hearing the speaker say: Oslo - the world's winter capitol, has really made me proud of my home resort. 


With my press credentials, thanks to being an EpicSki Ambassador, I've spoken to a few of the racers, good people all of them, with a passion for snow sports, just like us. Being a native I've been able to give them my do's and dont's - anybody believing that elite boarders are not reflected people are mistaken - this has been a fun period for me, and I somehow wish I'd had more off time. They've all stated their love for Oslo and Oslo Winterpark, and have appreciated that we've made more than 100.000 m3 extra snow for this event - in what has been the mildest winter in a 100 years.


The free after party in central Oslo was fun - the municipality of Oslo has seen this as a great marketing opportunity and deserve a big thank you from the skiing community.


Super pipe winners :


Ladies : Kelly Clark ( US )


Men: Juri "Ipod" Podladtchikov ( SUI )


This is all I have time for - tomorrow is another working day. Come see Oslo, time permitting I'll be your guide.




Not too bad with a broken foot.




At the podium.





The youngest clients I took down.




Representin' the school!




Representin' EpicSki!




The super pipe is just sick! It was raining cats and dogs - in Oslo that's not a problem for the fans.



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Cool stuff Mads!


We just hosted the Dew Tour finals last weekend.  I was in charge of the slip crew on the super pipe.  A fun weekend for all involved.




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The slopestyle event today was just awesome to watch, in beautiful sunshine and Easter-like temperature. A lot more people had found their way to Oslo Winterpark - Wyllerløypa to watch Spencer O'Brien (CAN) win the ladies final and Chas Guldemond (USA) win the mens final.


This has been a green event where all spectators not on skis have used public transportation to get to the resort, ecological food for sale and recycling bins everywhere. The Mayor of Oslo and many other notabilities and celebrities have spent much time here, and gotten plenty of media attention. NRK, the national broadcaster, has had a huge staff in situ and provided TV pictures to more than a hundred countries. 


TTR and Oslo Winterpark have done a perfect job in arranging this event, and all the money spent by Oslo Winterpark has provided locals and tourists with an exellent resort. The investments continue and next season we will see one more slope topside and a new six-seater expresslift in Wyllerløypa.


My camera didn't enjoy all the rain yesterday, these pics from the slopestyle arena are a few days old.










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