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What will new boots feel like?

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I'm shopping for new boots now that my current boots are ten years old. They're also the only boots I've ever had, so I'm unsure how a new boot normally feels. It doesn't help that my current set seems to have been half a size or a full size too large.


I've come across two boots now that stood out and seemed to have very good dimensions for me (Head Raptor 130 RS and Tecnica Demon 110). My foot and boot feel like one unit, and pressure is even. After about twenty minutes, though, I want to take them off because the pressure gets to be too much on the instep/balls of the feet and the circulation becomes poor. The buckles are in their least tight position.


I'm told the liners will pack out, but how much? Is the above feeling normal at first? My socks are already lightweight, but I could go down one small step. The liners could be modified as well, but I wanted to see if a new boot should feel different than that at first before I buy something and modify it.

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Liners will pack out and give you more room but honestly not much in a vertical direction over your instep.  Both boots you are looking at are 98mm boots and the Tecnica has more instep room than the Head, but you have the same problem in both.  Could you tell us more about your foot.  Width, instep height size, boot size, etc



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I'm told I have a high instep and I believe it. A Brannonck puts me at a D width, and I've been fit for a 25.5 or 26 size in ski boots. Tecnica's website actually puts the last at 100 mm, and I should have clarified that with the Tecnicas I didn't really have a problem with the top of the foot, but the bottom of the foot near the front began bothering me. The top of the foot gets more pressure in the Head boots.


I've decided not to go with the Head since it seems like more boot than I need. The shop told me that they can heat mold the liners on the Tecnicas, and trim parts if necessary if that still doesn't help. Would that be worthwhile?

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