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How does Red Mountain ski?

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My parents live around 50 minutes from Rossland, and I was considering skiing there for a few days next month.  It is a win/win: I can ski, and they can see their only grandkid.  How is the skiing?  I am looking for primarily steep, challenging skiing.  Something akin to Alta or Squaw.  I have skied Big White, it was kind of flat....fun groomers though.  I assume the coverage is OK?  Looks like they haven't had a ton of snow. 


Any ski/stay deals floating around?  It would be cool for my wife and I to get away for a couple of days, leaving the grandparents in charge. 



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Red is full on....for a below tree line resort.  Tons of steep and deep and great trees.  There is a reason a town of that size has produced over 60 WCers.  You definatley wont be bored.

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Mad River of the West.

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Red is the opposite of Big White. Small hill big balls for sure. Major side country very close by as well.

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Great!  Sounds like I will love it.  If you know of any deals coming up, shoot me a PM or post them here. I assume snow is OK generally in mid-March?  It looked like typical temps that time of year are in the mid 40's.  Seems a little warm, but then if it is steep, sun might not be an issue. 

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REd is a little lower in elevation and has varied exposures, so much of the hill can be a little dicey in mid march (especially Red Mountain itself..I suspect you'll be on Granite Peak the whole time, and then just the upper mountain).


What is really cool about Red Mountain (granite peak) is that you can ski 360 degrees around the mountain, so there are great run North south east and west facing and you can sniff out the best snow.  Grey Basin will most likely have the best snow AND, it is where the steepest tree shots are on the mountain.  Paradise bowl is great, but probably a little more sun sensitive.


It is a great mountain with a decidedly 'local' vibe.   If there's snow check out Whitewater as well--similar to red, with less pitch, more snow and better trees.

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It isn't about how the mtn skis... it's about can you ski Red Mtn?


You will enjoy it- it is not a large mtn, acreage-wise, but it is a real skiers mtn! it totally rocks!


Cool town, but most of the bars serve sub standard tequila..... (at least when I was there) Hopefully that has improved!

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