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Blossom World Cup FIS Follow Me Slalom

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Blossom WC FIS SL (Plus Version)ski.gif


Length Tested: 165 cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius:116.4-65-100.7

Camber (select one, delete the rest): Traditional

Binding: Rossi WC MFX w/ extra lift kit

Mount point: Suggested (boot center)


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Vermont

Number of Runs: 30+

Snow Conditions: terrible '12frown.gif

Own: Yes & import!smile.gif


Tester Info:

Username: iriponsnow

Age: 35

Height/Weight: 145# / 5'9"


Ski Days/Season: too few,esp this season!cool.gif

Years Skiing: 34

Aggressiveness: Competitor

B SG.bmp

Current Quiver: The Blossom Line '12, MegaWatts, Bro's in 188, various race skis....

Home Area: Killingtom

Preferred Terrain:ALL




Review:  Blossom has long been the "race room" for quite a brands of few skis.  This was a chance to get a full blown racer in my hands w/ the exact flex a specs I wanted........or thought.  This is the Plus (+) verson & there is a ton of metal in these skis. 















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Nice pictures - look forward to the review! rolleyes.gif

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I love the Blossom Follow-me & Overlimit skis. I'm using Vist speedlock 614 bindings for both skis. My GS racing times have improved this year. I was using a Vist GS ski 21r last season. The guys thought I would have a harder time on a 27r ski, but I'm skiing much better with more confidence. The ski feels solid under foot and are stable. If anyone is heading to ski at Bromont or Saint-Sauver, I will let them take them out. The Follow-me holds it edge well and carves some nice turns. I was a bit nervous at 1st when getting them. But, if they were anything like the Vist skis I knew it would be a great ski. 

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Ok........clearly I am off track a little about the timeliness of my review.  Here goes:


Conclusions:  This is a beast of a ski.  At my size & wt & skill level, plus I am not running gates on a regular basis I could stick w/ the regular version.  If you are a WC or FIS skier, this may be your closest ticket to getting a real deal ski.  I've skied tons of stock skis, but this is on another level of muscle.


Pros:  The flex is firm, but uber smooth & progressive.  The edges are also a bit different ( pro & a con).  These are about the thickest edges I've ever come across.  So much so that they should provide years of tunes & grinds.  They bite into the hill in a fierce manner that leaves little question about what this ski was intended to do.  The skis also have on of the coolest top sheets in a smooth matte finish (plus version only).  If you can handle the skis & want a pair that will not be shot in a single season, here you go.


Cons: My first con may appear a bit silly, yet important to me: You need a plug boot north of the 130 mark to ski these right.  I got hooked up w/ Full Tilt this season & love the boots...sadly the FT's can't even flex these a hair.  If you want this ski, be ready for tons of quality time in a plug.  My Dobie 130s & 150s were just what this sled needed to pilot!


          Edges: If you are a rec skier you will not mind so much, but it takes time to figure out all the extra bite.  Not kidding in the slightest here.  They lock into the snow in a way that is first "hooky".  While my tune was A grade, they do ski differently.  If you are a serious racer, you will prob want to pull the edges down some as that much edge is not fast.  Either buff your forearms for the job or pay a quality tech to do it.  They will not be optimal w/ such a large edge contact.


          Tips: Blossom has chosen not to place a tip guard on the skis.  Know this going in.  It you straight line into the gate..... I don't know as this is not my style.



Bottom line:  If you can bring your A game & are athletic enough for them, they will dig trenches around other SL skis out there.

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Thanks Brian.  I did notice a couple of the top Italian racers on Blossom  at the World Masters Criterium at Mammoth

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Update- '14 ski landing soon!
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