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temporary insurance

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just lost my regular health coverage... i am really healthy but im about to go on a trip where a certain amount of risk is involved...does anyone know an easy cheap way to get health insurance for a ski trip (in US) for like 10 days?

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Pretty sure you have to go to an instate insurance company to find this info.  For instance, here you have to use Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MONTANA, can't just say you want Blue Cross.  But, I'm sure that most of them have short term coverage like this:

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No, the state where you can purchase health insurance generally has to do with where you live. In fact., the policy you linked to has this as its first condition: "1. I/We am/are resident(s) of Montana."

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Yes, I realize that.  Sorry I wasn't clear.  Just meant that he can't ask on the internet unless he tells us where he lives.  There are many insurance companies that do not offer health insurance to people that live in Montana. 

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Google for travel insurance, then read carefully the coverages and limitations.

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If you're eligible for COBRA, buy that for the length of time you need it.

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look for travel insurance affliated from your credit card (american express for example)

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