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Looking for cheapest lodging for Powder Mountain and Snowbasin

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This is a potential trip forming for me, so I am looking for the cheapest lodging deals before I decide. I couldn't get anything cheap from the Powder Mountain website... corporate takeover has taken over. Also, I guess I would be looking to stay in Eden, because they have a bus transport from Eden to Powder Mountain. What about from Ogden... is it too far to stay there... and do they have a bus from there?


I don't see bus transportation listed on Snowbasin's site: Is there a bus to Snowbasin too? Thanks.

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Powder's bus is essentially a park and ride. I don't think there is any lodging right next to it. No bus to Snowbasin.


Your best bet would be to find a hotel/condo that offers a shuttle. Or rent a car. Do a search for Ogden area hotels and you'll find cheap ones.

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That Lakeside place is well above my budget. I'll be looking at other places. I might start looking at Couch Surfing too if I get too desperate.


Isn't Eden closer to both resorts than Ogden?

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Ya, but Eden (Powder) and Huntsville (Snowbasin) are tiny towns with little lodging. I don't think either has anything other than rental condos. Eden's not really much closer to Snowbasin than Ogden, though it would depend on where you're talking.


Ogden is a city with a lot of options, including cheap hotels/motels.

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Ok. Thanks. Sometime next week I have to make a decision. I'm not totally settled on any of these two yet. It's actually a miracle for a part-time worker to be looking to go to a ski-trip.

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The Ogden Marriott can be had for $50+/- per night via priceline.com  They offer some sort of shuttle service for a fee to the mtns you are interested in.  Contact them for details.  Downtown Ogden has a fair amount of restaurants, shops, etc. for decent apres ski time.

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I am finding the $139/night (includes 1 night + ski lift ticket to PM or SB + shuttle to the mountain).

This deal I am finding for both Benlomond Suites, or Comfort Suites, which both are in downtown Ogden.




So far this might it... although I'm craving for even cheaper, so I'll search other options too.

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Is it possible to ski all the blues' terrain of Powder Mountain in one day (during the week)? Possibly including the night skiing too if the bus shuttle to Ogden runs late.

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Have no idea, but I will say that you're better off not trying to ski everything at Powder in one day. The mountain is huge, very spread out and has super-slow lifts. It's not really the place to try to log vertical or rush around and ski every corner in one day.


If you're only doing one day at Powder, try to make it a Wednesday. They're having $40 day tickets on Wednesdays this season.

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Big Kash area off Lightening Ridge



Typical roomy Powder Mtn groomer.




Agree with Joe.  Use Snowbasin to blitz the blue square runs. 


Powder Mtn is huge, 7000 acres HUGE, and segmented into so many trail/terrain pods that it seems you are skiing a mountain range, not a single ski area. Chair lifts are only part of the uphill transport; the resort also offers snowcats and shuttle buses for access to countless untracked or barely tracked powder lines.  You need patience to explore this place and you should focus on the off-piste.

No question, however, Powder Mountain has got to be one of the best spots in the USA for an intermediate-advanced skier to learn how to ski powder. A lot of the off-piste terrain is not particularly high angle and seems mostly free of dangerous cliff bands. Whether you are on easy groomers or tackling the pow, there’s not many folks to get in your way.

But you don’t go to Powder Mountain to ski groomers unless you are a true novice. Check out the snow cat for $18 rides up 9105’ Cobabe Peak. One popular route from there descends 2200’ vertical feet of off piste terrain (would be blue square or easy black diamond if groomed) from Lightening Ridge to the base of the Paradise chairlift.

Use chairs and a poma lift to check out Cobabe Canyon where there is a good chance of untracked powder on hillsides like Proving Ground. Bring or rent fat skis as they'll deal with the 1'+ of stale powder and wind buff much better than narrow waisted carving skis. Powder Country is another huge off piste portion of the ski area. When you finish runs there you catch a bus back to the lifts.

Powder Mountain is like a Mom and Pop ski area on steroids and could not be more different from nearby, excellent&upscale Snowbasin. The two are a nice contrasting tandem.



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Powder Country and the cat areas are these areas patrolled or would you need an avalanche beacon?



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Powder Country and the Lightning Ridge single-ride cat skiing are patrolled and within Powder's boundaries.

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Hello mate..there are plenty of info on the web and this forum to pick the most suitable for you..just be careful and read the reviews..personally I use  otelicious.com  when I travel .They have low ,high prices,and many offers... But you have to search for the best reviews and the best deals...:)take care and have a blast...:)

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I think it is called the columbine inn but there is ski in/ ski out rooms at Pow Mountain. I remember them being 110$ a night for a hotel room with a microwave. Nothing to do but if your just going to ski I think it`s the best bet for the area. First on the runs in the morning not like it matters and you can ski until the lifts stop spinning. 

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