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Stormrider 95

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Just got a pair of these skis 192 length. First day skied foot and a half deep powder... They were amazing! Next day super heavy crud, again amazing! Did over 60K vertical both days skiing non stop bump and crud runs on Grouse Mountain at beaver creek.

That was the end of how great these ski were... Groomers (which I don't like groomers anyway) they totally sucked! The only way I could get them to hold an edge was to sit back. I for one like to be on my tips at all times... Bumps, well these skis kept pushing me back, my back was killing me at the end of the day. My friends all said they couldn't tell much difference in my skiing, but I could feel it. Also,  2 other guys said the same thing about these skis, that they force you to sit back on your skis. If you are a back sitter, you will love these skis... If you know how to ski correctly, these ski suck, unless you are in powder.

I do not recommend these boards... sorry stokli...


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Move your bindings forward.

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Are you sure? That would make a difference? Would the ski need to be re-drilled?

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Determine where the BOF (ball of foot) is in relation to the CRS (center of running surface).  You might find your bindings to be mounted too far back.  The symptoms you mentioned sound like that to me. Let us know what you measure.


In addition to that, check your bases and edges closely.  Stockli is very well known to prep and ship skis with bases and edges closer to specification than other manufacturers.  Your skis could be the exception or may have been altered in some way.  Your base edge bevel should be 1 degree and 2 or 3 on the side edges. 


I am thinking something is wrong somewhere, either your bindings or base/edge is the place I would start. 


Here are a few reviews of the ski, see if your experience lines up with theirs.

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Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post

Move your bindings forward.


This. 4 pairs of Stockli skis (Laser SC, SX Stormrider XL & XXL) and for me they all ski better mounted +1cm or there abouts. YMMV, but this is why I prefer to use bindings where I can adjust the forward/aft placement.

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