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Atomic 10EX Question for BetaRacer

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BetaRacer, I have a question concerning the Atomic 10EX. Specifically, the 10EX's carving ability and edge grip on hardpack/ice. What I'm looking for in a ski is the ability to blast/carve through anything at high speed. I ski mostly in the east (Vermont) with trips out west once a year. I'm sold on Atomic's race skis, but I'm looking for something that won't get thrown around as much after the groomers get torn up by the high traffic density found at most eastern ski areas. I have owned (and sold)a pair of 10.20 BetaRides, and have demoed the 9.22BetaRide. Both are good skis, but neither deliver the all-out performance I'm looking for. I'm 5'10" 250lbs, ex college racer and current masters racer, so I really need a ski that can withstand a lot of power. I know that a wide ski like the 10EX will be slower edge to edge than a race ski, but that's ok--what I'm looking for is a ski that will tear up anything the mountain has to offer (i.e. an all mountain GS ski). Thanks for any advice.
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The 10.ex has a 26ish meter turn radius (equal to the GS team race skis), and great torsional rigidity. Stay with a 191cm, and you should have a versatile ski with tons of power.

Note the change to turn radius. <FONT size="1">

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I own an older pair of 9.22s which I love and the 10.20's. Have skied the Volkl G-40 for two years and purchased the G-41 and 10.ex last year in 198cm. I'm a big guy.

Between the 10.ex and the G-41, I love them both but the G-41 is a stiffer ski in my opinion. The G-41 blasts thru the crud and chop a lot better than the 10.ex which is a better ski in the soft snow. The 10.ex is very quick given the size of ski that it is (BIG). I try not to do ice, but I think the G-41 would be the better ski on ice.

Just my thoughts

Jim from Idaho
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Help me pick two skis from the Atomic line.I'm 5'10" 180 lbs. I'm an average skier. I teach in Colorado at Eldora and spend 90% of my time on groomers teaching, 5% in powder, and 5% in busted up powder or soft wet spring snow.

Was planning on a 9.16 or 9.12 in the 160 length and need a second ski for deep snow or spring slop.Am afraid the 9.16 is too much ski, although I skied a pair last year and enjoyed it. I really enjoy carving at moderate speeds short or medium radius. I also spend a lot of time in the bumps. Would the TENEX in a 170 be a good second ski? I really want something with a little float for powder and wet spring snow.
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Rusty, the Race 9.12 is more forgiving than the 9.16 as far as flex and energy, but it is a fair bit turnier, making it more of a handfull if you want to cruise around. I like the 9.16 for everyday fart around use. I will be getting a team issue 9.16, which basically has the shape of the 9.12, but guts of the 9.16. I haven't had the opportunity to try any out, but feedback from team racers is that they're awesome in the course.

If the plan calls for a teaching ski, that has good sidecut, and easy skiing characteristics, check out the new Carv models. 11.16, 10.16, 9.18 are great for what you require from the ski. The 11 is more damp, the 10 more lively, and the new 9.18 is tons of fun.

As to something wider, I'd push you towards on of the mids, unless you are planning for lots of powder days. I only used my 10.ex 3 times last season, instead settling for the 10.20 as my soft snow ski. This season's 11.20 and 10.20 are 2mm wider than the 10.20 of last season, which brings the shape closer to the 9.22. A new core in this season's 9.22 makes it even better than previous versions. Its a tough choice for all the skis, and what works for me might not be the ski for you. As you know, demo-ing is the one true way to find out if a ski is right for you, but if you are doing a proform order, you need to decide soon. Good luck.

As Pierre has previously posted, there are too many choices, and not enough dollars.
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Rusty, I knew a bunch of instructors who skied on the 9.16 last year - most around the 160cm length. Mostly eastern packed conditions but I skied with them in 10" deep spring slush and they were cruising fast on 160s! Anyway they all loved that ski. Of course now there seems to be more choices...
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Rusty Guy:

The 1st ski I would buy in the Atomic Line is the 9.22. I have not skied any of the newer 9.22's but own a pair from the year that 9.22 was Ski of the Year and have only heard better things about the 9.22 each year since. (Also own the 10.20)

The 9.22 is a big ski for the powder and maybe one of the best spring mush skis that I have skied.

The 9.22 should be the first ski in the Atomic lineup no matter what.

The second ski (if you ski the west and ski a moderate amount of powder) should be the 10.ex, but the Volkl G-41 is better on the packed and chop in my opinion.

Just my thoughts for what it is worth.

Jim - at Dorothybks@aol.com

Jim from Idaho
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Rusty, Betaracer mentioned the 11.16 , these things are awsome . I had them last season for a couple weeks and found them to be great on ice and ok in the soft stuff. Like others I have to mentioned the 9.22, it is probably the best all round ski I've ever been on . The 10.ex is fun but not for everybody , you have to ride them like a pair of GS planks and if you like that "THEY ROCK "(should be demoed).
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So now I'm confused. I know I'm going to do the 912 in a 160. I need a second pair for powder, busted up powder, and six weeks of slop in May and the first two weeks of June at A-Basin.

BetaRacer- Is it too early to do a pro-form now?
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Tony Sears is one of the best I know and he was on a 160 or 170 9.16 in every condition last year, simply fiddling with length. He's a former "Huntah" guy from New York and now skis out here. I agree it's not the arrow it's the injun. I need a little help in deep western snow and I'm horrible in spring slop.
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