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High School Ski Jumping

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Don't know if the following link will work, (I subscribe to the site and am not sure if I can post a link,) but read this article regarding U.S. High School Ski Jumping Competition in today's New York Times and figured that y'all would find it of interest.

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During the last winter olympics I took special interest in how specialized the jumping skis actually are.  I attempted to search online to find out what the various differences between brands, models were.  I also was curious as to just how much they cost. They look like they're probably insanely expensive.   I found NOTHING current about them other than an outdated site where people traded and sold some used.  I did get some hits on Fischer's website, but wasn't able to open any links to US/English language info about them.


Makes me even more curious!

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Get thee to Brattleboro VT tomorrow and Sunday (2/18-2/19) if you want to witness this spectacular sport first-hand.




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