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How much can I grind?

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I have got very wide feet and atomic RT foam plug boot (2009 version)

How much can I grind the boot in the forefoot area? I am going to do it myself as the nearest boot fitter is c.a. 1000 kilometers from me.


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1000km away...where on earth are you?


if that foot is that wide i would stretch the shell before you grind to give you the most options...if that is not an option you can probably safely grind 3-4mm from each side in most areas, but go slowly and by feel and please use a 1" diameter grind head as anything smaller WILL probably go straight through the side of the boot



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Thank you very much for help.

I live in Warsaw and the nearest boot fitter i know and trust is in the Stubai area.

I have bought the boots for c.a, 100 bucks so i do not risk much.

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