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DFP FX liners

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Does anyone here have any experience with the FX liners in comparison to the HD model or just experience with the FX in general? I'll fill ya in on more details in the morning as I am off to bed..

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After a struggle to get my shells on my Lange Fluids wide enough ( I have a 6th toe) I bit the bullet to have custom liners made. I did this at a Christy Sports a the fitter was great. At first he thought that the HD would be the best option but we both later agreed that the FX might be the best option for my wide wide foot and be a more comfortable liner.

After looking he notified me that they were out of the FX in my size but did have the HD's and that I could do them but could exchange to the FX if I did not like them.


I skied the HD in my boot and I think they are just a little too firm feeling for me. I could probably live with them but I wonder if it would be worth it to me to go to the FX model. 


Thanks for any help


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No one here used the FX liners?

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