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Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post


Last night I got my grubby paws on a pair of 188cm 2004 Dynastar Intuitiv 71's...


Found on CL, someone clearing out his storage shed - $5. Appear lightly used, minor base scratches, edges a little rusty. Nothing an hour in the garage won't take care of.

Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post


Not a /terrible/ $5 for a rock ski.    Do report on what you think of it.    


I suspect  your DIRT is now completely modernized to post-2005 sidecuts and  I suspect  that you will find the Intuitiv needs more steering at the top of the turn than you're currently used to. 


I made it to Heavenly two weeks back for a few days. Just missed the big (6' over a week) storm, but the aftermath was still great as the temps and wind had both stayed down, so the snow was hanging around in fine condition, and though not untracked, plenty of nice, soft stuff could be found in the open glades, bump runs, sides of groomers, and other off-piste areas.


First couple days out I skied my 2010 Line Prophet 100 179's, and as usual in softish conditions where I can edge them if/when I want they were fantastic - they smooth things out, yet still feel very responsive/snappy. I got reacquainted and dialed into them pretty quickly and had a great time all over the CA and NV sides. I don't ski the Canyons (yet), but Powderbowl and Aries Woods, Milky Way and North Bowl, Little Dipper bumps - stuff like that. A lot of people slag Heavenly, but for me at my level it has plenty to offer and I love it.


The third day no new snow and things had firmed up slightly, so I decided to take the Intuitiv's out. 109-71-100, 20 meter TR, flat tail, and at 188cm they are longer than what I usually ski, so I was really curious how they would feel. First few turns working up the mountain from the Gunbarrel lift with loose boots they felt markedly different than the Prophets, (no surprise), but not bad/weird/long/etc. Then top of next lift I snugged the boots up and thus began a day of some of the most pleasurable skiing I've ever had. I've been focusing on skiing from the waist down, initiating and controlling turns with relaxed foot and leg movements and a quiet upper body, trying different combinations of tipping/edging, steering and fore/aft pressure, and one and two-legged skiing, and it was just a joy how well they responded to everything. I felt like I could get them to turn quickly and they felt great in bumps, no problems in crud, and totally stable when I let em out a bit on groomers. I never felt they were too long, and the only time I had any trouble really was when I got a little tired and got back. I had to stay centered or work the front, otherwise they would really run away with me. (Having some fun playing with that - getting on the tails - at the end of turns.)


I do love and appreciate a fatter ski like the Prophets, but I feel more that I ride it, whereas with a skinnier waist ski I really feel like I can drive it, and to me that sense of being tightly connected is absolutely delicious. I'm still progressing and don't have a lifetime of skiing, so these are still new and exciting feelings - not something I'm bored with so looking for other sensations and challenges. It is good and a lot of fun for me to experiment with different length/width/age skis, and heartening to find that I can ski comfortably ( even if not well ;-) on them.


Along that line I recently finished reading through the entire HS thread, and that not only provided much historical perspective and entertainment, but also quite a bit of good advice about how to improve one's skiing. Also Bob Peters' suggestion about spending some time on a shorter, turnier, race carver type of ski to feel and work on turn technique. Well, over the weekend I happened to catch someone just posting on CL for a pair of 2011 172cm Dynastar Contact 4x4's with NX 12 bindings. I got on it quick and was able to pick them up for $100 - barely used, excellent condition. An excellent Luddite find! Now I'm looking forward to some snow time with them, to continue my education!  ;-)


Hope everyone's season is off to a good start, and that the snow Gods smile down upon us for the next few months!



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I think the Contact Cross was closer to the type of ski BP was talking of, but icon14.gif

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Well, I'm completely ruined for other women, er, skis now. The Contact 4x4's gave me the best experience I've ever had on firm(er) snow. Amazing grip and totally solid at all speeds. The first day I skied them a couple of times in crud I went to turn and the tails didn't release, and that made my heart jump a bit. But that was the ski telling me I was too far back - don'd do that! - so actually a very good feedback mechanism. I factored it in and after that never had any more problems. I could see these and the Prophet 100's (for anything more than a few inches of fresh) being all I'd need. Bumps? Time will tell.  ;-)


Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post


I suspect  your DIRT is now completely modernized to post-2005 sidecuts and  I suspect  that you will find the Intuitiv needs more steering at the top of the turn than you're currently used to. 


Funny, that. The good/bad about bouncing around on different skis is the relative aspect introduced. After skiing the Prophets for a few days getting on the Intuitiv 71's of course felt much more immediate/responsive. But after skiing the 4x4's for a couple days the Intuitiv's felt very sluggish when I got back on em.


Being human can and will adjust (with more or less success) to whatever is down there under the boots, but probably time to settle in to a couple of skis and ... learn to ski ... properly.


It's all good. 

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Remember, the most important thing is that the ski makes you smile.  some of my biggest grins are from Leather boots and wood skis. 



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this still on?

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sure, why not?

seems as anyone rocking a full-camber ski of any yr, prolly falls into this thread...


sortta like riding a steel frame roadie, even if it was 853 or 953 stainless...

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Imo the discussion here is soon going to shift towards bindings, esp. if there is  significant change due next year.


I suspect it will be strongly centered on Tyrolia  &  Look.

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Originally Posted by moreoutdoor View Post

sure, why not?

seems as anyone rocking a full-camber ski of any yr, prolly falls into this thread...


sortta like riding a steel frame roadie, even if it was 853 or 953 stainless...


unlike a more modern ski, you will never get me on a plastic bike.

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

Imo the discussion here is soon going to shift towards bindings, esp. if there is  significant change due next year.


I suspect it will be strongly centered on Tyrolia  &  Look.


I too hear there are changes in the wind with Look.


But I strongly doubt it will be anything close to a game changer. I will still be comfortable on Pivots and PX Racing's for many decades to come (as I am with Look 77's)

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post


 I will still be comfortable on Pivots and PX Racing's for many decades to come (as I am with Look 77's)


That's precisely where I'm going with this point.     (Not specifically those models...but you get the idea).     

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Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post



I emailed about these skis. Seller lives in the east bay (San Francisco area). $20 for all three pairs - the still-in-wrapper black ones are Research Dynamics Coyotes. Problem is he's moving tomorrow, and I'm not going to be able to get out there. If anyone's interested who's within striking distance here's info...


Skis Three Pairs - $20 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore)







All good to excellent condition. Two with bindings one without bindings.

One without bindings is still wrapped and is 170cm the others are 185 and 190cm. 


I just got those black Coyotes in 190, still wrapped as well. At the same time, picked up a pair similar to the pair on the right, only white background instead of purple. $35 for both wasn't bad, I think.

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Originally Posted by Caucasian Asian View Post

Are you talking about 192 777s?


I've owned every version of the older(87mm) models, and I had them all mounted on the line.  And I still have a pair.



Originally Posted by tromano View Post

My review of the Elan 777: http://www.epicski.com/t/115289/review-luddite-charger


Thanks for the great find, these things are very fun. 

I skied mine last Friday and Saturday on cool cord and some refrozen crud bumps at Blue Knob.  HELLA FUN!!!!icon14.gif  Very happy with the mount too.  They blasted through.over soft, cruddy little bumps and ruts like they weren't even there.  Just plain amazing!

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I am now living in SIN...



...and loving it!  ;-)


Snagged these off eBay, 2004 model, 185CM, 115/81/104, 24M Turn Radius. Look Pivot 5-14 Bindings. Some minor topsheet scratches and one small piece of sidewall missing at the tail of one ski, but a little duct tape took care of that.


Got them out today at Heavenly for a few hours in the afternoon. This season I have mostly skied some Dynastar Contact 4x4's mentioned earlier in this thread, and there was some fresh powder earlier this week  so I was last on my Prophet 100's out for a couple days. All different skis, so a bit of adjustment after each switch, but after a few runs seem to get the feel for how to balance and make em turn. Same with the Machete's. Spring conditions today, (soft/friendly/forgiving), so they weren't put to a hard test, but they felt great and stable everywhere I took em. And surprisingly responsive. But maybe most of all did I love looking down and seeing those bad boys under my boots - they are so f'n cool looking! Silly, I guess, but...


One question - After getting them delivered I tuned them up and took a close look at their condition, including standing them up base-base with the brakes pulled back. Seemed pretty even/straight, but almost no camber, maybe 1/4" between the bases at the center, and no resistance required to flatten that little bit completely. I didn't notice any downside to that when skiing, but I did notice they were easier to pivot than any other skis I can recall being on - flat spin 360's were effortless, and I was playing around with trying to feel the pivot point under my boot for wedeln and was able to do that better than I typically can. Sure the state of the snow had something to do with that, and also these being straighter than the other skis I'm typically on, but I was wondering about the camber? Did the 2004 Machete's come with more when new? Regardless, they seem to ski great, so I'm a happy Luddite today! 

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I saw some nice new old stock skis on eBay.


1.  New - the original red Dynastar 8000 in 172 for $249 buy it now.  This is so tempting but I just spent around $380 on a new pair of 2013 Rossi S3s.


2.  New - Elan 777 ALU in 177 for $249 buy it now.  The seller says it has 10 pairs.

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Seem to be a bunch of old Legend 8K's up on eBay now. Tempting.  ;-)


These also might be interesting for someone on the smaller side...


VOLANT Machete FB Fat Powder SKIS 165cm

About a day left on the auction - current bid $10.50.

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very  painful concept. something old that was never good, even when new. hmmmm. like instead of the Rossignol Strato, the Rossignol Cut, or something. really horrible idea. smile.gif


one thing for sure: life is too short to actually ski on something of that category just to be 'funky'..

as far as a timeline, I think it has to be abou t 15 years or older or it's just crap, plain ordinary not very good stuff.

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As always, thanks for sharing!  icon14.gif


P.S. Are you Debbie Downer's Daddy?

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I have finally been able to ski the 07 Elan M777 in 192cm that I was able to pick up new recently for $100.00. I see that a few people here have picked up the same ski. My first impressions were that this is going to ski long. Certainly not a lean over and turn type of ski. Once I got the feel of it though I was able to make them work in most all turn shapes. Comparing to my regular ski which is a 184cm mythic rider: They are faster edge to edge but feel a little slower in the turn. You have to use good technique all the time or the ski will take over, always stay on top of them. They both have an upper speed limit that I'm probably never going to find however I thought the Elan's felt a little smoother at speed. I think that they would be near equal to the MR in crud but I haven't been on them enough. Did try them is some cut-up crud and they were fine. Didn't try any bumps with them as I wasn't feeling particulary confident in doing so yet. I can take the MRs there and not look totally spastic. I have found that they make me a better skier as a matter of survival. I find that I try different things on them that maybe I forgot about, helps to keep that toolbox polished and ready.  


Right now my one negative is that you can't really relax on them, but have found the more time on them the more familiar they become. For the money I paid I think it's a great ski to add to the stable.


I'm 6'5" and 225lbs, 55yo and I would say a pretty good intermediate. Skiing 12 years. Skied them at Mount Snow in Vermont and PC and Deer Valley in Utah. 

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PSA   Nice looking 2011 Line Prophet 115 186CM skis with serious bindings up on eBay now...



2011 Line Prophet 115 skis with Tyrolia Peak 18x Tanner Hall camo bindings. EXCELLENT Like new condition both the bindings and skis. Only used 4 days.


Couple days left on auction, current bid $151, Buy-It-Now price is $299. The bindings alone sell for over $200 new.


Well reviewed here a couple years ago.

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Nice skis, sweet deal... but luddite?

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Originally Posted by TheDad View Post

Nice skis, sweet deal... but luddite?


From very early in the thread...


Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post

As far as any cutoff goes, I'm not moderating or anything like that, just suggesting. I thought 2-12 years old might be a place to start, but I don't think it has to be a really hard (time) line. Just try not to overlap with the true vintage stuff that people value but rarely (if ever) actually ski.


On the early end of that scale, but by that definition they qualify.   ;-)

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Less a question of age than design, IMHO.  I don't think that a fat, rockered ski fits the bill.  To my mind, a Volant Spatula is forward-looking, not ludditesque.

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Understand your POV, but again, this thread was created to provide a place to discuss the space between retro and the very latest-coming gear, so I think 2 year old Prophets qualify.


Perhaps a Luddite in this thread context is just someone who's willing to look in the rearview mirror.  ;-)

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Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post


Perhaps a Luddite in this thread context is just someone who's willing to look in the rearview mirror.  ;-)


As in 'Marketing Luddite, not technological Luddite'?  biggrin.gif

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Ha - touché!  ;-)

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ctm, I think that hits the bullseye.
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OK Guys this seems a good place to ask for help. I ski for three weeks once a year sking 2 days then having a day off. It is not feasible for me to store skis as I live on a boat so I buy a used pair and then sell or discard them at the end of my ski time.


I am 65 6'3" and about 240 lbs. I have a weak knee so stay on the piste nowadays but can get down anything although a perfect run is GSing down a wide steepish groomer.


Here are the skis I have used recently Atomic Beta Carve 10 22 at 200cm These were the skis I bought new around 2000 after trying a range of skis. I loved them and would buy these if I found them. Light weight easy turning carvers.


Salomon Screams 195cm  OK


Older Volkls at 193 some sidecut. OK


Volkl P40 Platinums 200 cm I liked the way they felt at speed but they felt heavy and tired my weak knee out in anything but easy turning stuff.



All the above were $50 or less


I would like to have a list of skis ahead of time so I can start checking on Craigslist/Ebay before I fly in to where ever I am sking that year. I am not averse to spending a little more. say $100 max.


What would you recomend?

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I just got another ebay deal, paying $1.50  ($13.32 with shipping)  for a new $175 Briko Indian helmet that at size 62mm is too big for me.  The Luddites were anti-technology and wouldn't appreciate this helmet being Bluetooth ready.  But everyone on this thread is cheap and looking for a good deal, so here it is: Pay me $25 plus shipping and the helmet is yours.  This leaves me with around $12 to buy a ski patrol t-shirt somewhere, supporting good people. PM me if you have an interest, or have something to exchange.

Ships to:
United States and many other countries | See details
Estimated within 5-12 business days
Estimated delivery dates [newWindowTxt] include seller's handling time, and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment[newWindowTxt]. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.
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Briko Indian ski and snowboard helmet

Item Sold<style type="text/css">.vi-hide-mImgThr {display: none;}</style><img id="icImg" class="img img140" itemprop="image" src="http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Briko-Indian-ski-and-snowboard-helmet-/00/s/MTYwMFgxMjQx/z/-oYAAOxybLpRiFsF/$(KGrHqYOKosFFz+3fq8mBRiFsFMJ0Q~~60_12.JPG" style="" clk="" alt="Briko-Indian-ski-and-snowboard-helmet"/>
Item condition:
New with tags
May 09, 201318:39:55 PDT
Winning bid:Briko-Indian-ski-and-snowboard-helmet
US $1.25
[Two bids]]
$12.07 Economy Shipping
Item location:
Boulder, Colorado, United States
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I got a laugh from this CL post as I was doing my morning trolling.  If there are any Luddites in Denver you might find something you like in this pile-o-skis:



Recently took down a fence made entirely of skis! (Old owner's decorative decision) Great for ski chairs/benches, other arts and crafts, etc. Selling each ski for a $1! Stop by 3711 Ames St, Wheat Ridge 80212 (off 38th & Sheridan) from 9am-11am on Saturday June 22nd to choose which ones you want!! Please send an email if you have an advanced interest.



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Originally Posted by TQA View Post



What would you recomend?

Start with new boots. You are in plastic that is almost 35 years old and is PRONE to cracking AND/or exploding now. The plastics from the late 70's / early 80's were not good. These breakages tend to happen at the worst possible times, usually on the hill either walking or clicking into the binding. Like a lightbulb going bad, there is usually no warning. 

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