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Whistler-Blackcomb Conditions

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I am travelling up there tomorrow for a week and would like to hear from anyone that has been skiing there the last few days.  It looks like there has not been much new snow recently, perhaps some more coming tomorrow night the last time I looked.  It also said a chance of rain.  Will be spending most or all of our time on-piste between both mountains and I'm just curious how it is. 



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skied Whistler yesterday Feb 18. Conditions were fabulous 28 cm new snow over night plus good visibility and low wind in the alpine. Had some great untracked runs. But it was very busy, USA holiday weekend and a lot of out of province plates in the parking lot. (someone from Vermont was parked in my spot and many Colorado plates adjacent) Adding to that all the locals were out to  catch a big powder day. It made for some long lines especially while waiting for the avly control to be completed in the alpine. But the skiing was great.   

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