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Beaver Creek

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Heading out next week. What's happening at the Beav?

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Guess you might find happy people sliding around in the snow. BC's reporting 96% of their terrain is open.


Pay a visit here:

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ok, guess no one skies there, I was hoping for a little local intel, like what not to miss. I guess if it's lame, I'll head over to Vail or Brek.

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Beaver Creek is far from lame. I've spent a number of days there.  Great village, good apres, something for every skier and they've been getting some good snow lately.  What specifically do you want to know ?

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Well I have no idea what kind of skier you are but they do have lower stone creek open and there are some gnarly lines in there. Otherwise grouse mountain has some incredible bump runs. The birds of prey downhill course is always fun but be warned that the snow was water injected and it stays very hard and icy through out the season unless they get a lot of snow.

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Royal Elk Glades.

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It's a fine mtn and they will treat you right!

Don't have any current conditions info (which I believe continue to rapidly improve), but here are some impressions from a month ago. You'll have fun!


Also, there was a thread on here recently regarding black diamond terrain:

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Thanks for the replies!


I'm an advanced skier always looking for challenges, steeps, chutes, trees, bumps. I don't cliff huck however, prefer to keep contact with the snow except for an occasional pop here or there.     

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If you get a dumping, head over to Rose Bowl and hit up Spider.  I love the Beav.  My favorite Mountain ever.  

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Just back from the Beav. Grouse mtn and Birds of Prey still have rocky and boney spots. Although I hear the foot or so of fresh they have gotten the past week, has covered a lot of those boney, rocky, brown bits up. So you should be able to uncover them on your own when you "hit" them next week! Have fun, Beav does a great job of grooming. Do spend a few days over at Vail. The Vail back bowls are sweet on a pow day. Hopefully you won't have too much in the way of crowds. Only day we experienced crowds, was on last Saturday after the Beav got hit with a whopping 2" of fresh. Luckily those awesome snow cats left a few feet off to the sides of all the trails ungroomed, so we were able to rip it up in 2" of fluffy goodness! (Sarcasm)


Seriously though, Ravens Ridge is worth a try, along with other runs off the Grouse mtn chair. Larkspur is fun too. Rose Express, and dropping under the chair or Spiders run is nice if they have fresh snow. Never did hit stone chutes, just wasn't enough snow to chance hitting the under brush and rocks, etc. I do hope that Summit resorts do get more snow. It seems the storms hitting CO are coming out of the south. They tend to push up and around the San Juans, which means the front range areas get hit with better snow. Breck would be a good bet. Just check the morning snow reports to see which resort to hit, assuming you have a car, which I recommend. Skied 3 days Beav (total of about 4" of snow on those 3 days), one day Breck. (3" of snow), and Vail 3 days (10" of fresh - 2 separate 5" dumps.)


Screen shot of Vail last Friday. (China Bowl)


Snapshot 1 (2-10-2012 2-57 PM).png

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