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I didn't post while looking for some help on buying new skis recently, but I'd like to thank everyone for all of their reviews and responses to other users, as it helped me pick out something from rather limited choice range (budget).  I ended up with a new pair of 2009 Elan 777's.  They are a bit narrow-waisted by current standards, but I ski mostly Mt. Hood where ice is unavoidable and I like a mix of off-piste, fast groomer runs and mild bumps. 


The Miracle bit is that I haven't been skiing much lately (moved to Ireland for a while, then came back and had kids), so I figured I'd be easing back into things with a lot of skiing groomers and even kiddie slopes with my kids.  So, I figured the 80/20 OP/piste guidelines on the skis would allow me to do what I wanted, but I wouldn't really be off the groomers nearly that much.  Then, I went up yesterday for the first time on the skis, and we ended up spending the entire day OOB and in the trees on absolutely beautiful powder.   Since it requires some kind of miracle to get those conditions at Mt. Hood, I'm crediting the skis...


 Next year, I'll probably look for something wider and rockered to make a two ski quiver, but I'm very happy right now - and grateful to the advice from this site in helping me find a great ski choice (for next to nothing).