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Hi Does anybody know where Zipfit liners can be ordered online? I live in the northeast and see no dealers listed anywhere in the east. I posted to the Boot Guys forum and emailed Zipfit directly, but nobody is willing to give me any info or reply. Thanks in advance if you can help Jeff
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Try Steve Bagley at Superior Ski at Snowbird Utah.  Steve is one of the real Zipfit guru's.  Their website is:  Don't have a phone number but they are locatged inside Christy sports at Snowbird and Christy's number is 801.742.2871.  I'm williing to bet that Steve can sell you a pair over the phone or online.  Call him, he is the best.


I absolutely love my Zipfits.  I use the full leather lined versions which cost a bit more but IMO give the best fit and hold but the regular Zips do a great job also.

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I also live in the northeast (Ma.) and I ordered the Gara Model form the UK. There are many factors to figure out berfore you order. I have a race shell 98 last sizes down one full size. The Gara is perfect for that situation. I may have fit into the world cup model also. I have tried to email Zipfit to see if I can become a dealer . They have been unresponsive.  Ski shops want to sell new boots and not deal with an exspensive liner such as these. They are well worth the money. They fit better each day.  Thanks Brad

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I bought mine directly from Zipfit. Called 'em up.

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