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I'll say it again, so everyone can avoid getting their panties in a wad. I wanted to buy these in park city next week. None of the shops I called carried but 1 or 2 models. I understand that, as it would be expensive to carry all the inventory in various sizes. That's why I called Vancouver, talked someone on the phone and traded emails with Crystal who set me up with the right size. It fits great.

My specific question was in regards to heating via oven, which is not something Intuition advises, understandably.
I believe that Noodlers take on molding these is right on, but I wasn't just sure about how long might be appropriate for this specific liner and thought he might have done one.

Around North Tahoe there is at least one shop that will mold the Intuitions you buy elsewhere for $50--which I presume includes adjustments if necessary. Based on my experience of one having them done by a shop it's worth the money. So if you're not sure you want to mold them yourself why don't you see what the PC shops will charge.

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Before switching to ZipFits, I molded mine at home (twice) using the rice method and the boiling water method.  They both worked equally well.  I also had them done at a pro shop (twice) and they didn't do much better IMO.  In fact they molded them to the wrong feet on one occassion.  I never did the convection oven method, but would probably do so if I were to try intuitions again.

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I originally did my Luxury Liners with the Hot Water Method. The insides did mold a bit, but once I took them to Kittridge Sports in Mammoth and had them baked in an oven and fitted, what a big difference.  If you don't have a buddy to help you do the oven method at home, just go to a shop and have them help you out.  It is well worth the $25 they charged me.

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My experience home molding Intuition Liners was excellent.  I did read all these posts (here and on some other sites) before molding to try to get educated on best practices and things to watch out for.  In the end I simply followed the instructions provided by Intuition using the rice in the sock in the microwave method https://intuitionliners.com/fitting/home-fitting-instructions/


The only complication was putting in my (rigid) footbeds after the liners were heated.  I ended up just holding a piece of plastic sheeting (with a bit of vegetable oil on it) and holding it in the boot between the tongue and the top of the footbed to help the footbed slide into the hot liner (in the boot) more easily.  Worked fine.


The entire process was pretty easy to do, and the result seems to be excellent.  The heel pocket is so perfectly snug and molded to my heel, unlike anything I've ever had in any boot before.  It also feels like I won't need to crank down on the buckle over the arch of my foot.


My toes usually get cold/numb (from cranking down my buckles in cold weather too many times) so I applied some moleskin over the veins on the top of my foot, so hopefully between leaving little channels above my veins for the blood flow and not needing to crank down on the second buckle, it should help.  We'll see.


I have 25.5 Atomic 130 Race boots and I used the HD Race liner.  Intuition customer support was fantastic.  I filled out their questionaire and then had a back and forth via email with Tom in their customer support department who recommended that liner, the size (26), and then answered some of my questions about the molding process before I did the molding.


Can't wait for some east coast resorts to open so I can try them out but I am very stoked and expect I will see a significant improvement in fit and performance.

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Another tip - If you are dealing with Intuition directly at their Vancouver warehouse ask them to include some scrap foam in your order. Use the scrap to dial in the time and temperature for your particular oven.

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