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cat skiing in Fernie BC

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Just something to consider for 2013.


I like to ask if anyone has cat skied in Fernie BC. with the company at Fernie BC.


What are your thoughts, good terrain for cat skiing?


who has gone with them,


would u recommend?

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Which company? There are two: Fernie Wilderness Adventures and Island Lake Lodge.


I have been skiing with FWA, not Island Lake. The skiing was fun, the conditions were not the best when I went (really high winds, very difficult wind crust etc.) so we ended up skiing very densely treed runs, most without much slope. I would say on slope alone only one or two runs would have been classified as black, the rest were blue (relative to Fernie Alpine Resort). The dense trees did really up the danger and skill required though. I think in general, most of FWA's terrain is not super steep and very little is above tree line. Everything else about the day was good, food was fine, guides were fun and did a good job catering to all skill levels (which was a broad range with my group, including one person who only completed one run and had to be returned to the base for lack of skill). We did get quite a few runs once we dropped the poor snowboarder who couldn't quite cut it.


As I mentioned I have not skied Island lake but I have hiked up there a couple of times in the summer and seen some of the terrain in person and in videos and it looks like there is much more varied terrain there and more steep stuff. I think Island Lake probably gets a bit more snow than FWA but it is also much harder to get to ski at Island Lake. Most years they do not book day trips aside from last minute cancellations. I think it is almost mandatory that you stay at the lodge to ski there. I looked on their page and there is still availability this year for 2-day trips but that is the shortest they have aside from cancellations. That should give you idea of what you are looking at for next year.


I think in the big scheme, most people would rather ski Island Lake (me included) but it may be cost prohibitive or simply unavailable when you want to go.

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