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My buddy and I get a good trip in every year. This year was the PNW. With all the snow it was a no brainer. Tahoe is so dry... time to fly away.


Anyhow, Mt Baker is a super fun mountain. There was only about 1" of snow on top of the classic PNW hardpack, but going to a new mountain for the first time and ripping around was good stuff. After taking every lift that went to "good" terrain, we found some goods and stuck with it. Towards the end of the day the snow was softening up under the 1" of "fresh" giving us some fun turns. It was a little punchy if you were skiing steeper lines or in the trees, but we just took it slow. Overall, that place looks amazing on a good day. Can't wait to go back on a good day. Couple photos below...


Mt Baker Parking Lot Panorama


Chunder in Gunners Bowl Mt Baker


Crystal mountain reported 1" of snow and we were heading south anyhow, so we stayed about 1.5 hours away and arrived that next morning around 10am, knowing the conditions were MEH. We knew where to go: High Campbell. You can access most all aspects the mountain has from that chair and usually not many folks seem to be out hiking. After 2 runs we nailed the aspect and just stayed on it all day getting 6"+ turns for about 800 vert. From the top of the Throne to the over to Silver King, as long as you stayed on the right aspect it was super good. Most anything off the top of the King was excellent. Couple photos off the Throne. It was, relatively speaking, SO GOOD!


Off the Throne


off the throne with a go pro :-)


I had to head home early due to some family stuff, so the 2 of 4 days we got done, were fun. Crystal was great again. 2x up there, without being disappointed = I'll go back again. Washington is good stuff.