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Ski pants - legs getting cut

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Wondering if anyone else has this problem and if so, any ideas for solving it?


I'm an alpine skier, pretty agressive, and love to carve high up on my edges. The problem is the lower legs of my ski pants constantly get sliced. This happens on the inner side of each leg, between 5-15 inches up.  Last year I bought a pair of Descente pants which have a very nice rubberized inner cuff, but it is too low to protect the upper part of the pants.  The year before I had to carry duct tape around but it only lasts for a day or two before getting unstuck.  I also have tried iron-on, etc but it doesn't stay on either.


Has anyone else experienced this?  Any solutions?  At this point I'm thinking this is why they make skin suits, but I dont see myself skiing with those on.



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I've got the same problem, but lower on the legs. I get it from skiing off-piste in whacky conditions on wide skis. I sliced through the legs of my new pants in under 10 days.


I'll be heading to the tailor this weekend to see if he/she can sew on a patch of heavy-duty nylon or thin rubber.

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The solution that I've used (and is well documented on TGR) is seam grip.  They use the stuff on tent rips and other similar repairs.  You'll end up with a bunch of "shiny spots" on your pants, but the repair really works well and holds up through the years.

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Some brands like Descent (you mentioned) have good reinforcement in the inner cuff, especially if they're designed for racers, like race training pants. 


As much as I love the Descente stuff, the toughest pants for this kind of wear are designed for Tele/back country skiing.  The pair I'm wearing for work as a ski instructor are made by FlyLow and are tough as nails. 



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Thanks for the all the tips!


I'll do some patching this year with the suggestions, and then next year I think I'll go for the Flylows - they look pretty durable.


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i got exactly the same problem and I have already ruined two pairs of pants this way. finally i found i am not alone!

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For a simple solution, I've used Gear Aid tape patches before. They tend to hold up better than the pants themselves and will fix the current slices.

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Black.......... Sail repair tape........... someone posted this on here a long time ago......... I went to the Marine store picked up some Sail Repair Tape and never looked back.............

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 I have the same problem & even cut into the plastic & rivots on my ski boots & wear the sidewalls of the ski tips away if they are not protected with a protective cover i.e., rubber


 I use gators which use to be easy to find when more skiers skied bumps & were more aggresive. My last pair made of gortex held up well but are now starting to fall apart I picked them up @ mountain Co op a few years back hope I can still replace them.


 Tuck tape red in colour used in construction for taping seams for vapour barrier (not duct tape) works well for mending riped ski clothing but does not look the best.

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Plenty of gaiters available on line for $25 and up.  Stay away from gators--they bite.

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 My pants have a pretty large reinforcement patch on the inner cuff.  It held up pretty well, but eventually (a few years) several cuts went all the way through.  The annoying thing, is then the space between the cloth layers fills up with snow.  Which then melts at lunch.


Iron on patches lasted a few weeks.

Duct / Gorilla tape lasted most of a day, unless I hiked -- which made it start to peel off in about 20 steps.  And then it sticks to the other leg, pulls at your leg, and makes funny noises.


The simple fix is to wrap the tape all the way around the leg.  It has lasted over a week, including a long hike, with no signs of problems.  And it looks so stylish!rolleyes.gif

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I've had the same problems with all of my ski pants.
What caused it was the edges of my skis when I used my ski while it was still attached to push down the bindings on my other ski.
This might be a contributing factor to your problem also.
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