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Help me build my quiver!

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So, in the past few weeks I have acquired new boots (BD Factors to replace my 2001 Salomon X-Scream 8.0s) and bindings (Fritschi Freeride Pros), and am now thinking about a pair of skis to go with them.


About me: 5 feet, 9 inches in bare feet.  220 lbs in my birthday suit.  Skier level?  Nowadays, I would rate myself at a 7; the last time I took a lesson, I was told I was an 8.  Some of my ski partners have called me a level 9, but I know better.  My regular ski partner is a 9; she grew up on skis and charges everywhere with utter confidence.  Having just gotten back in to alpine skiing this season after a 10-year absence, I know I'm not back there.  Yet.


Anyway, right now I'm skiing on 2011 AC50s, at 170cm.  Love them.  Been a Volkl fan for a long time.  So much more nimble in the trees than my last (much longer) skis, and plenty stable crusing along at mach schnell.  I have been looking for a second pair that I would use mostly for touring, primarily in New England, and when there is enough new snow at the resort to warrant clicking into them over the ACs.


After doing some research, I have narrowed it down to 2 choices: NOS 2010 Volkl Nanuqs, 170cm (130/94/113, full camber, no tip rocker like the 2012s), or 2012 G3 Tonics, 177cm (maple leaf topsheets; 132/100/123, early rise tip, low camber underfoot). Haven't skied either model.  I like that the Volkls are the same length as my current boards, and I've had good luck with the brand in the past.  I have heard that there may be some issues with thin bases on Volkl/s backcountry skis, which worries me a little.  I'm intruiged by the early rise tip and overall larger footprint of the Tonics, but I'm a little wary of the extra 7cm of length, even though I'm told it probably won't feel much longer because of the early rise tip, but I don't plan on shying away from trees in the backcountry, so I don't want to go to a ski that's needlessly long.


Any advice on how these two skis compare to each other, and how they would complement the AC50s, would be appreciated.  Field notes from folks who have actually skied these boards would definitely help as well.  Ullr willing, I'm going to pick these up in the very near future, get them mounted, and get a few days on them before the East Coast Gathering rolls around.


Thanks in advance!



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You should really spend some more time learning about modern ski design before pulling the trigger. Much bigger ski's can be just as maneuverable in tree's as a 170 ski. Besides at 220 without gear you should be looking for something in the 180's. And Fritschi's? Flimsy trash.

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Any advice?......yes...........add 15 cm.



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I'm 5-8 215, live in and ski New England, and I went with the Volkl Kendo at 184.  I'm coming off a 10 year hiatus as well, but in my prime was a solid 9.  I agree, you are a bit big for 170, but it all comes down to preference.  I'm down sizing from a pair of Volkls at 193.

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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post

Any advice?......yes...........add 15 cm.



Exactly, if not a bit more


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