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I finally threw down a backflip (underflip if you want to get technical) on a small jump yesterday.  I'm having trouble riding out the landing because I'm landing on the tail of the board.  How can I fix my approach and takeoff to land with both feet at the same time, instead of back foot then front foot.  The first ones that I was able to land I was off balance and spun around a backside 180 just to keep my balance.  I've been trying to emphasize leaning forward on the takeoff ramp, and some of my landings were better today, but not quite good enough to land them all the time.

I also want to learn the traditional wildcat backflips and both front and backside rodeos.  My problem with a wildcat backflip is I'm not very comfortable doing a sideflip on a trampoline or cartwheel going in that direction.  How necessary are learning these two things in the progression?

Finally for rodeos, i thought a frontside would be easier, but at least off of snowflex into a foam pit I had a lot of trouble landing them.  I was told to grab indy and drop the front shoulder, but could only rotate 90 degree's.  Backside grabbing melon helped me actually get the rotation around, just felt really awkward.  I grab stalefish on my backside 360's, would this give me more control?


Thanks for the help guys.  I'm stoked to go back to woodward for another practice session into a foam pit on Thursday.