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Finally got to see a Seth Pistol, and a Public Enemy. Both look super bomber, with extra thick bases and edge, and rivits tip and tail. The Seth Pistol may be the coolest looking ski I have ever seen (a lot of people will hate it, which just makes it cooler). The rivits on the Pistol are studs, while the rivits on the PE are the back of shell casings (really). Actually the graphics of the PE especially may seem a little tasteless after the DC sniper, but they were made much earlier. Both skis are vert sidewalls, so they can be fixed if you blow an edge.The Pistol's first run of 1000 skis is pretty much spoken for. 700 were reserved over the net, and 300 will make it into shops. I may have to buy one off the Shop floor, as there are very few for rep/embassador use. There will also be about 300 PEs in shops buy early December. I also got to check ou a sweet pair of race room GS skis. A few shops will carry these beauties.