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Feedback please

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I have been skiing on and off for over 30 years and never really had any lessons other than picking up tips from friends and the internet. This is a short video of me ( sorry about the quality) taken by a friend on Iphone doing short turns.

Please let me know what I should be working on.

I ski approx 15 days a year ( in Australia ). Many Thanks.







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First Huntanator, I love your friends commentary!


I'd hard to see much in the video, but I have a couple of thoughts.


Widen your stance a bit, especially for short radius turns. It's hard to say how much exactly. I find my best stance width by doing medium radius shuffle turns of low incline slopes. Your body will naturally tell you approximate hip width in that drill. I then take that width stance and test it our with some pivot slips on more medium incline. I'm looking to see If I can turn both my legs in the hip sockets while keeping my belly-button facing down the hill. One you feel comfortable there start to shape out the pivot slips into short radius turns, but keep facing down the fall line and the feet turning underneath you.


Second thought is that I see in the video that your arms move side to side a lot and just as you pass the camera we see that you inside hand drops to near your side and you outside hand swings across your body. I see this a lot out there. It gives you the feeling that your finishing the turn, but in reality your hindering yourself from moving into the next turn. We want to have our inside hip/shoulder/hand leading us through the turn then as our skis come underneath us we can move our center of mass in the direction of the new turn uninhibited. A great drill for this is the Heisman drill where you have your outside hand on your hip and your inside hand out in front of you like your blocking tacklers. I wait to switch hands till after I have engaged the new edges thus creating the active inside half. It will feel a bit awkward at first because it is opposite of your current movement pattern, but give it a try and let us know how it works out.


Next time you shoot see if you can use a better camera, but keep the friend for the fun commentary.

Tip 'em and Rip 'em,


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It looks like from the video that your turns lack a round shape and the tracks in the snow look more like Z's instead of C's.  My guess is that you have trouble controlling your speed on steeps because of the turn shape.  I do like your rhythm through the turns, but would like to see you extending into the turns toward the fall line and flexing from the fall line to turn finish.  Your pivot point on the skis is at the tip rather than under the foot.

The cost of a few lessons is minimal compared to the total cost of skiing and the benefits are worth every penny.



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Great advice thanks Nate. I will try the Heisman Drill and report back. Thanks for getting back to me. As you might have guessed my last name is 'Hunt' ( no jokes please ) hence the commentary.

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Thanks RW. Yes this is something I am trying to work on. More C's less Z's. Cheers

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