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skied these a couple weeks ago on a pretty skied out day at stowe.


about me


28 years old



130-150 days a year

I ski alot of everything but mostly freeski trees

I can turn left and right in various shapes and sizes on most parts of the mountains




Resort Stowe


windblown/icey groomers

nice groomer

icey/hardpack/chaulky/powder bumps

skied out woods with packed powder to a couple inches of fresh




179cm Dynastar Distorter

120-87-110 R = 20.5(179cm)

Twin Rocker, which means camber underfoot and tip and tail rocker

tune 1/3 no detuning


I have been looking for a replacement for my Public Enemies for a while now. I think I finally found something cheap enough and fun enough.


The first couple turns on groomers had me thinking man this thing is really soft, it isnt its just the rockered is pretty pronouced at slow speed. Once up to speed GS turns were pretty stable. Almost as stable as the bushwacker on some very hard eastern groomer that were ice to packed powder.  It is totally workable at speed on hard eastern groomers feels stiffer the more you bend it. The flex is progressive as it the ski bends almost like a cabrio boot.


In bumps, it was very much like the Bushwacker except it is alittle easier and even more poppy than the bushwacker. This is the easist ski to double up bumps that I have tried so far. Can be very easily skied on the ground and feel very much like a twin tipped bushwacker which is not a bad thing.  The ski does alot of the absorbing for you as you drive it into bumps. Progressive flex from the "springblade" construction I do not know, but these skis sure to pop.


Trees ummm best skied out tree ski I have tired thus far. It is more predicatable than the bushwacker for lack of a better description.  Its is so quick and intuitive that it kinda of dissappears. When skied though sections of snow that was loose the ski was easy to slarve and pivot if needs but really like just slicing tight turns everywhere.


Park - swing weight is low, and this ski can ollie! light park use, demo skis that I did not want to break.


Pros - quickness, stability on hard snow(for a twin), moguls, skied out trees and overall shedability


Cons - make the slicer seem kinda of blah, never really meshed well with that ski.


no 3rd person but an idea of the skiing that day. Everything follow the girl in purple was done on this ski