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Need help with bindings

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I Bought my daughter a 143 roxy ally, she is 5'4" 110 pounds, and i'd like a few suggestions on what bindings to look at, i don't snowboard myself, i ski, she is a begineer/intermediate, size 26 boot.


Heres a few i'm looking at, can someone help me out, thanks

Burton Women's Lexa-http://www.altrec.com/burton/womens-lexa-snowboard-bindings-fall-09-43283
Flow Flite 2W

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Any midrange set of bindings that fit her boots should be fine, bindings IMO make the least difference in how someone rides.  I would just specifically look for metal ratchets for reliability's sake.  I doubt a beginner/intermediate would be able to distinguish between any properly adjusted strap bindings out there (or flex one enough to break it), although if she can, she should get what works best for her.  Snowboard bindings are easily transferrable between boards so you might as well just buy once unless you know she's going to grow enough to outgrow these.  


I've had the same 2 pairs for years (cheap K2s and high-end Drakes from roughly 2001), and don't see much of a difference compared to current models.  The Drakes are stiff and responsive so they're on the carving board, while the K2s are on the powder board.  My K2s are actually more comfortable but the plastic buckles are trashed and I've had to cannibalize replacement straps from various places.  At one point I was using a rubber band to hold the ratchets together - really sketchy. 


Flows may or may not work depending on how your daughter skates.  Personally I hated the backs flopping down when skating, even though I skate on the toe-side.  I can't imagine skating heel-side with those things.


Good luck!

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thanks for your help!



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