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K2 Apache Coomba.  181Cm.  133-102-114. Marker 14 bindings.  Skied for five or six days maximum.  They have not been skied this season and still have the protective wax from Spring 2011 on them.  Ski Weight w/o bindings 4.5 lbs or 2045 grams.  Excellent floatation and easy handling in all conditions.  These are great skis and it is hard for me to sell them but I will.  Asking $450 plus shipping.  I'm guessing it'll take $35 to ship them.


I'm selling these only because my locker holds four pair of skis and I have five; I should never have added these.  There's nothing wrong with them.  You should know that I changed out the bindings once (originally I put Griffons on them, then took off the Griffons and put on the Marker14s). This work was done professionally, not by me personally

PM me and we can communicate via email or phone.

I have a few pics but can't seem to get them loaded.