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Ski Bum Withdrawl

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I'm new around these parts but am looking forward to being a part of the EpicSki community! I spent my college years skiing in Maine and have spent the last two seasons ski bumming in Jackson Hole. I moved to San Francisco in the fall and am loving it, but needless to say I'm going through a bit of with drawl not being on the mountain everyday. It doesn't help that Tahoe has had sub par snow so far. Any of you ski bums turned office bums have any advice for a weekend warrior newbie? I'm also looking to keep my ski legs under me during the week. What exercises do you guys do to stay strong during the work week (other than the standard wall sits, etc.) Thanks!

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Make friends in Tahoe so you can couch surf and drive up on Saturday morning (I leave at 5am) to avoid the traffic.  Sorry this is more SF->Tahoe advice, not general officer worker advice.  I moved down from Reno seven years ago and I'm still having with-drawls. 


As for staying in shape I have no clue, my problem is getting out of cycling shape because I ski.  Don't want to burn out my legs biking in the winter so every spring I'm seriously out of shape.  I try to limit myself to fifty miles a week in the winter, mostly just commuting. 



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Get a house share in North LT and a Squaw/Alpine pass.



I ride everyday.  No reason not to ride in the winter,  if you have the proper equipment?

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Check out some of the Bay Area based ski clubs.  Some of them have their own lodges.


Otherwise, make some friends with some locals.  Earn yourself a couch to sleep on.



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Thanks for the tips guys.

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