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Looking for a new twin-tip all mountain ski

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Hey guys, Names Tim. 

I'm from Toronto Ontario.

5 foot 11, 160 pounds.


First off let me say any input is helpful.


I used to ski when I was younger ( under 13 year old ) was able to do tricks back then, but just got back into it this year. ( 24years old )


When I was younger, my body was brave, and my mind was ignorant. I didnt know much about Ski's or the equipment. Now that I'm trying to learn about which is best for what I tend to get a bit confused as there are so many different discussions that outweigh the last.


Anyways this year I Went out and bought some Atomic Smoke Ti's with little research done - Overall a decent ski. - They were on sale and scooped them as I was excited to get back out there after hyping myself up over youtube poor boyz production video's


I purchased the skis around christmas time and have already been out over 13x times since then. 


I've started going into the off-piste sections as well as the terrain park where I have been attempting some simple grinds and jumps. The Ski is all mountain versitile. 


I'm slowly progressing and realizing that I need a better twin-tip ski.


I like the Smoke TI's because when I really want to go fast I can with minimum chatter, cornering & carving is also very easy. 


They've been decent off piste as well, but I really notice they arent as forgiving when it comes to landing or switches. Also, they are pretty heavy. 


I've been looking into the " solomon lord vs k2 line afterbang " because they have them on sale right now for a decent price @ sportschek. http://www.sportchek.ca/family/index.jsp?categoryId=3758120


I was wondering if someone could help me out with the choice.

Or if you have some better input on better skis that would be awesome.


I've been progressing fast since I picked skiing  back up. example. after 3 jumps I started doing switches and landing backwards & I also want to progress from there and get better at grinds etc.


The Smoke TI's feel as if they dont want to be grinding , or getting air.


I know everyone loves the K2 extremes, but I'm looking for an twin tip ski that will be able to handle the icey conditions of blue mountain ontario.


I already have Smoke TI's and I dont plan on selling them , so multiple sets is fine.

But Obviously I'd prefere not to go that route.


Is it wise to get the all around twin tip ski?

Or should I keep them seperate as in my smoke ti's for carving and speeds runs & the newer twin tips just for back country and jumps/grinds?


I'm loving the feeling I get while I'm out on the slopes, Solo or with friends.

Its a feeling I want to chase. I see myself getting much more serious about skiiing.


The fiance has been trying to get me to go on vacation as we do every year in the winter but I've decided to call off all winter vacations as I'm enjoying the snow too much. I actually Am planning a march break trip over to blackcomb and whistler instead of going to the islands. 


Skiiing is the ultimate release of life's stresses - Progression while pursuing perfection - Never have I felt so free. :) Other than when I fall and hurt my weak thumbs lol






40% of my time on-piste doing speed runs, and just having fun in the mornings

40% hitting jumps in the backwoods, off piste trails , and back country woods.

20% in the actual terrain park 


Do you guys have any rocommendations?



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I think you're best option is to have a front side ski and a twin tip.  It will provide you a better performance on both fronts and not force you to compromise as much in performance. 


the one Twin Tip ski that I heard raves about at SIA was the Kastle Colby James West ski.  That may be an option without a lot of compromise


As always, YMMV


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Assuming that you want to get a ski this year rather than next, the Line Prophet 90 or Line Chronic are great choices. They is way better than the Afterbang at just about everything except the park. The Lord is a little better than the AB but does not have the edge grip or stability of the P-90 or Chronic.



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