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New boot advice.

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Hi Boot Guys,


I need new boots; don't know if it'll happen imminently (this season), or next year for next.


But anyway, I might have to buy online because three shops are out of my size in everything.


That being said, the Rossi Experience 120 and Atomic Hawx 120 both look like they would fit my foot, have a snug ankle, and low instep.


What type of feet would be good for these two boots?



The number one problem I have in ski boots is my super-thin lower leg/ankle/low-instep not getting secured in place, and thus my shin not having uniform pressure on instep.

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this might help you a lot


for a thinner, skinny ankle, most of the lower volume boots, (95-98mm) are a good starting point.

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is this not the same  vitaminski who has been posting all sorts of questions regarding his head raptor 130 RS and all the problems 


please, have you not learnt anything, boot fitting on an internet forum DOES NOT WORK, we can help you with specific questions but not tell you what boot to buy..


do not buy online you know it doesn't work, wait till the shops have the right size in stock or go elsewhere to find it, but please work with 1 fitter and get it sorted

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Then number one reason why skiers are unhappy with their boots -boot that is too big. the number two reason-the boot is not the right shape for the foot and the number three-ego- boots to stiff. Go find a boot fitter. Or waste ur money and time buy another boot on line...its ur choose but all of the bootfitters are writing the same think. Maybe glasses would help, thats a couple of glasses of wine.


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Isn't this also the same Vitaminski who has a thread on home baking Intuitions? and using a torch on his boots?....


What are you really thinking and doing here?



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