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Boot fitting issues

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I have a pair of Tecnica ski boots that i bought 6-7 years ago from a ski shop in Meribel, France, since then I have skied most years, some only for long weekends.

I am most dissatisfied with these boots as I get very severe pains, mainly in the soles of the feet, and after skiing the ends of my toes/feet remain numb for weeks.

I am so annoyed at buying these at a resort that I haven’t returned to, but thought that would be the best with the most knowledge, as compared to lack of shops in N. Ireland, where I don’t have too many options for ski boot fitting.


As I recall all that time ago, the guy doing the fitting struggled to find a model to suit me, indicating to me that I am a harder suit for ski boots than most, maybe as I have wide feet with high arches.

I struggle to get my feet into the boots. The boots were made with custom beds (I think).


When I ski with the boots tight, the pain arrives after a run or so, then I have to back all buckles off (to the loosest position), and when I am skiing my feet nearly come out of the boot when I stop suddenly (advanced skiing in powder/moguls/thru trees etc.)


I am not a ski boot expert, but they are either too marrow, or the bed has been made incorrectly to suit (maybe too high), anyone have any advice/ideas?

Might the soles be replaced?

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can you check the shell fit of the boot for us?


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As Dave has said do the shell check and see where you come out it could be one of many things, the tecnica has a bit of forward lean on it and it may be a combination of that along with your biomechanics which is causing the problem or it could be as you suggested the width or the footbed, etc etc, do you remember which shop it was in meribel that you went to?

if the boot shape/size is good not a problem to replace the footbed


it always surprises me that in such a big skiing nation as France there are relatively few really good boot fitters, i probably only know a handful and they are in a small number of resorts


for N Ireland the best option is to speak to Des at Climate ski he is a pretty good fitter and has a reasonable boot selection in store, if you are on the main land at any point i would be happy to take a look and see what is going on, or if you are going back to france i may be able to suggest someone where you are going 

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Thanks guys, apologies for belated response…a long story, a bug with this site, then a PC rebuild, and lastly working away for 2 weeks.


I checked shell fitment and other questions, and comment as follows:
1) What is the shell fit like for length? I seem to have ~15mm room

2) What is the shell fit like for width? ~3-5mm room each side on width, although this harder to measure.

3) Do you have any foot-beds? Not only a boot-board I believe…a plastic piece in the bottom of the boot, with an upper cork layer.

If memory serves me correctly, due to my high arches there was limited room for anymore pieces, like a foot-bed.

Check List for Fitting – no issues here.

Things to Ask:  Better Or Worse = (BOW)
1) BOW with the buckles tighter or looser? Worse when tightened.
2) BOW with thinner or thicker socks? Always wear thin socks.
3) BOW with any foot-beds (custom, stock, none, etc)? See above.
4) BOW skiing, standing, or feet un-weighted (hanging off a chair lift)? Always, when tightened.
5) BOW throughout the day (and when does the pain start?) same
6) BOW on the first vs the third day? same
7) BOW on harder or easier terrain? same
8) BOW with the power straps (Velcro straps) tighter or looser? I don’t over-tighten this.
9) BOW if you do any particular movements, or actions? No
10) Any medical, health, or weight changes since you used them last? N, and there were always bad anyway.


Dave – I think these were purchased in Freeride shop in Meribel, but not much I can do now!

Thanks for you recommendation, if there is further input after the above, I will very likely try Des at Climate.

Its just that I wanted to do some research first, as I feel a little awkward going there, especially as I didn’t buy them there, though I don’t think that shop existed when I purchased, though next time I likely will buy at home after this experience!


Look forward to any form of further feedback…all appreciated.

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try looser buckles, but thicker sock.


try with out any footbed at all, or with a generic flat footbed.


I would guess that the boots are too big, your foot is moving (unless you over tighten) an the overtightening cuases the pain/numbness

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Thanks mntlion for your response, but to clarify:

1. I only have the standard boot-board, no foot-bed.

2. I currently ski with all 4 buckles at loosest position, and when i try with 2or3 up one notch, and in my opinion NOT overtight, creates these issues.

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so you have NO footbed at all in the boot?  I would try a off the rack, trim to fit, type (super foot,  sole, etc) and add that and see how it feels then  (and try a thicker sock too)

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I have high arches, and believe this prevented any foot-beds being used on top of the boot board, due to limited room.

Going to take them and ask the loacl guy now that I am armed with further knowledge on the subject....will report back, re his comments, though won't be trying them out until next year.

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the footbed shouldn't take up much room, maybe 2-3 mm at most but mostly it fills the voids under the foot so will put your foot in a better position so will probably reduce many of the problems by loading the foot more evenly 

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Thanks for all you help, here is an update...

I visited local shop Cklimate ski as recommended above, and after  assessmnet of my feet & boots, I was told that they were verging on being too short for me, and not having enough room for arches.

Ended up buying new boots, that are easier to get into, lighter and seem more comfortable (noskiing yet).

Am looking forward to trying them out on my next trip.....again thanks for input.

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