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2010/11 Dynastar Speed Course Ti

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Product: 2010/11 Dynastar Speed Course Ti

Length Tested: 172cm (just about perfect for my size, wouldn't go bigger)

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 120-72-104, 15m radius

Camber: old school

Binding: PX 14 (overkill!)


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Catskills NY (Belleayre & Hunter)

Number of Runs: 3 days, one was a few run demo, many runs on other 2 days

Snow Conditions: Total boilerplate 2 days, high quality groomers one day with 1" fresh, semi firm bumps once, hero bumps once; all modest size

Demo or Own: Demo than purchased y/o but new


Tester Info:

Age: 40 something

Height/Weight: 5’10” 155 pounds

Ski Days/Season: 20ish (usual 5 West, others East)

Years Skiing: 30 but many skipped; at least 10 straight lately

Aggressiveness: Moderately aggressive

Current Quiver: 172cm Sultan 85s, 160cm Fischer SC, 16?cm Metron M11s (semi-retired)

Home Area: Catskills

Preferred Terrain: Everything


The ski of THIS year.  Edge grip is insane.  My first day of ownership started out on trails that looked like they were skied off at the start of the day (bump runs were somehow ok).  These skis grip like nothing I've ever tried before.  You can't see rr tracks on ice but I'm betting they were there.  The few times I lost grip was total user error - not enough counter, etc.  Grip loss was progressive and easy to regain.  Note that I've never raced outside of a very random NASTAR run or two so I can speak to comparisons with a thoroughbread race ski.  Grip is far superior to my same brand, same turn radius Sultan 85s.  Also a solid notch above my Fischer SCs which are essentially a slightly detuned SL ski.  I tune all my skis so they're all in good shape edge wise.


Speed limit?  I suppose they have one but I haven't come close to it.  Speaking of speed, they love it.  They demand it.  This is not a soft all mountain or easy front side ski that will start carving at 3mph.  They need a little speed to get going.


Good news is that they're versatile from a turn shape perspective.  They'll do quick slalom turns if requested.  I find them most at home on medium width very high edge angle turns.  I never get that locked in perspective in a turn.  They'll grip tenaciously but are always ready to release.


Bumps - they can do zippers.  Don't over do it.  My testing was on fairly intermediate (small to medium size but close) bumps.  They're stiff enough to let you feel it if you start to overheat a line and miss some turns.


Really not many downsides.  It's more of a "stable" ski than a "pop" ski.  I wouldn't mind a little more energy return.  Obviously not the ski for trees, chutes, powder, etc.  Wouldn't recommend for anyone without carving skills.  I suspect they'd feel a bit like 2x4s.  Bottom line is they make groomers really fun!

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I have the 2010/11 WC (23m) version, I agree insane edge hold.


Kick in more power at the onset and finish of the turn and they will pop.  Hang on when it happens, you'll be doing warp speeds before you know it wondering on how to slow down without giving up the fun factor yahoo.gif.


I suspect the WC are a little stiffer both in torsion and length (aside from R of course), the only down side to this is avoid the momentary brain drain or the ski will bite you eek.gif.  No, I wouldn't share the info on that experience too embarassed.


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