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Adjusting Neox TL 12 Bindings

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Just put my skis in for a binding check and adjustment. Most of what was done was great but I feel that the technician has gotten it wrong by moving the Atomic Neox 12 bindings forward. The skis were much better prior to service and I have left the adjustment manual at home (overseas). I now need to reset the bindings to factory preset.

Anyone able to offer help as to how to restore the settings? Taking the skis back to the technician will more than likely not leave me in a better position, so better to pick the brains of the skiing community in the hope that there is somebody out there who has the expertise to do this properly or who has a link to an online manual. Thanks.
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So did he remove the bindings from the ski?


You must take the  AFD plate off and check the numbers showing beneth on the scle printed on each end of the steel toe and heel bands.


Then tell me what the numbers are that align with the scribed mark and what your Boot sole length is in MM

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