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Flexon parts

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New to this site, I just stumbled on to it and I’m looking forward to browsing all the interesting threads.

For now though, I’m seeking some guidance. I have a pair of dearly beloved Raichle Flexon Comp boots, early 80’s model I believe because their just like the those Bill Johnson is seen wearing in the Sports Illustrated cover picture of his Gold medal downhill win in the 1984 Olympics.


I have been skiing on these since the mid 80’s and they’re in perfect working order except for the scuffing along the inside ankle area. However, the black sole plate tread pads are worn down to the screws on the heels and toes. These are not like the small C shaped piece on most boots. These extend from the ends of the sole plate almost to the mid-arch. They are dove tailed onto the sole plate (the male portion is cast onto the sole plate and the female portion is cast into the tread plate)  they slide on and are secured with 4 screws.


I’m guessing the chance of finding any replacements is a pretty slim, so I’m open to suggestions .

I could send pictures if needed.


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posting pics will help, but I agree,  odds are slim.

best to hunt ebay for a whole pair, or look at trying on some new modern boots?

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thanks for the response. I'll get some pictures on here soon. After looking last night, I have to correct my initial post, only the front tread plates are dove tailed on, the rears appear to be flat stock material held on by 4 screws. I wonder if generic tread plate material in the right thickness is available that I can trim to fit the sole plate on the boot?

As for new boots--that's the last resort I guess when these are so worn they won't engage the bindings correctly.

I checked out your fatskideals web site, interesting, I've bookmarked it for future reference.

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