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Foot Cramp???

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Quick question for you guys...


Last weekend was our first skiing of the year. Put in a full day, had a lot of fun. Toward the end of the day I noticed my left foot getting pretty sore but figured it was just cold and fatigued. It's pretty common for me to have some sore feet at the end of a full day of skiing, especially when my feet get cold. My boots are fitted Saloman Impact 10's, been skiing on them for a few years now and really like them.


Anyway, by our last run I could feel my foot really getting sore so I made my way down to the truck. Once there I could barely get my boot off because my foot was so sore. After that it got worse. I couldn't put any weight on my foot for a couple hours...it felt like I broke something. The pain was mostly right behind my pinky toe and along the side of my foot. If I stepped on it and stretched it at all it was quite painful. I had to hop on one leg into our condo. After a couple hours I could limp around on it. The next day my foot was still a little tight but manageable. I decided to try skiing on it...after the first run it was fine, never bothered me again.


What was it?? Was it a cramp? I've never had that happen...ever. Hope it doesn't ever happen again (painful).

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no idea, but if it went away, sounds like you are fine.  dont cut the foot off yet :)


might have just been a bad muscle cramp?

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Could be a bit of tendonitis. There are lots of tendons in the foot and one of them may have gotten irritated by the position of your foot in the boot. A bit of ibuprofen and some ice could speed up recovery if it happens again. It does not address the root cause though.

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