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Vail trip in late March?

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Hi all -- I know there have been a lot of threads on this subject (which I've read), but I was wondering if anyone had an opinion as to whether this year's slow start means that late March conditions are riskier, because there will be less of a base if it gets too warm, if there isn't a big storm or two, etc. We can ski either March 9-14 or March 23-28 -- the latter option is a lot easier for us, but I'm a bit worried that the snow might not be great that late this year. We only get out west to ski once every year or two. Any thoughts? We could go for Utah as well, though we'd prefer Vail and the glorious Back Bowls...



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I think you would fine either week.   The base is slowly building and neither date is really very late, but the later is spring break?

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Given that it is mid Feb and conditions are only so so, I'd wait and go later...Vail usually gets big storms late in their season.  That said, there are probably better places in North America to ski this year given how dry it has been.  Although I live here, I plan on taking a March ski trip to Canada.  Sure, things have picked up a little but we are still way behind in snowfall as you can see:



If you do catch a late storm it can be big.  Video below was from 32" storm at Vail in April 2010...certainly not the norm for a Vail storm:



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I would have thought for sure the later in March the better (not an expert though)

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All I can say, is I'm glad I took my rock skis to Vail/BC last week. Skis were introduced to rocks and other non-snow debri on a regular basis during the week. Lots of brown bits showing through on the groomers. Off-piste was good bushwacking terrain in the Vail back bowls. There might have been one day, on Friday, where I didn't hit any rocks. That base depth being reported by the Vail resorts is complete BS IMO. Maybe they have a nice piece of snow in a winddrift to measure that 41"+ base depth. But I will forgive Vail for under reporting the extra inches of powder that fell last Thursday.wink.gif


It does seem like they are starting to slowly build a base. But those little dustings of 2" here, or 5" there, or really just enough to cover the debri, so that some unsuspecting schmuck like me can ski over it.


Who knows what March will turn out to be. It could roar like a lion and dump double digit figures days on end. Or it could fizzle out like a rat, and be sunny and warm, and melt the entire 41" base in a week.


FWIW, I still had an okay time. Low crowds, and some semi-decent soft turns on Thrusday/Friday in the Vail back bowls beat a good day at the office...



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I'm hoping that there's some good off-piste/tree skiing in the bowls late in March, but sounds like we'll need a few more dumps to make sure. We might end up going somewhere else, but Vail is always my wife's top choice, ever since we went a few years ago and had the time of our lives. Thanks for the responses, all.

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