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Hello All,


I was hoping that a few folks could help me out. I'm looking to purchase skis by the end of the season (before all the inventory goes away) and I have started to narrow down my choices. My favorite ski I've been on this season was the Atomic Blackeye TI. It's very tenacious on the harder stuff from what I can tell; the jury is out on how it does on crud and powder (I haven't skied it in powder and wasn't impressed with it in end-of-day crud) but I really did like the ski. My concerns are these:


I've heard the Blizzard Magnum 8.1 is a very similar ski and I like the idea of a 165 length (the 167 just seemed the tiniest bit long for me) but I haven't been on it.


Folks at the shop were trying to talk me into the Atomic Smoke TI because they said only an expert would notice the difference between it and the Blackeye (that seemed kind of fishy to me).


Basically, this is my list. If I can only demo one more ski (to compare) this season, which should I pick?


Atomic Crimson TI in 164.

Atomic Smoke TI in 164.

Blizzrard Magnum 8.1 in 165.

Rossignol Experience 83 / 88 in 162.


About me: 5'7", 155 lbs, fairly athletic, advanced intermediate to advanced skier. Mostly ski eastern slopes but try to get out to CO once a year if I can. Looking mainly for a carving ski that's forgiving, holds an edge, and has at least some flotation.