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I have some Head Monster iM 103's, 183 (2005).

I got a really good deal on them, with bindings, so I'm not looking for too much for them.

I took the bindings and mounted them on my prophet 100's.

They have one mount on the toe, two on the heel.  They were mounted (when I got them) for approx 300mm-320, Look P14`s

These are just too much ski for me.   They seem to have a bit of a cult following and are liked a lot by some.  They have a 37.5 m turn radius and liked to be skied fast (by someone other than me).

They are in `very good` condition, with some cosmetic scratches on the surface, very little chipping, and only one noteworthy gouge - almost to core, about 1 inch long.   

I would love to trade them for some skis for touring and mount my dynafit FT 12's on them.

I have another post (WTB: Prophet 100`s, or Karhu Team 100`s) which I would give priority to if something comes up and works out.  

If not, I`m open to some suggestions to trade or partial trade + cash for some good mid fat touring skis (obviously partial to P100`s),

or to sell these on their own.   

Thanks for having a look.   Apologies for the long winded-ness.