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Finndogville - Steamboat - 2/4-11/12

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My first visit to Steamboat - shared with 22 friends whom I coaxed into joining me - was highlighted with the sage advice of Finndog - where to find the best glades after new snow - best trails / mountain navigation - best chow. Even with limited snow the first four days there were ample bumps, surprisingly skiable glades and light speed steeps. 








But - powder did come and the trees beckoned without mercy





My bride Mary showing she can run with the Big Dogs






Some followed without question





But for those who could not or would not "ski like a girl" I had a solution


Cry Baby.jpg



But you did need to re-hydrate





While Finndog may be dinged - he is definitely not down. He guided me on a two mile hike up Emerald Mountain at a pace that made me wonder how "injured" was he ?


FD Emerald Mtn.jpg

Emerald Mtn Hike.jpg




A great mountain, an excellent time and thanks to the hospitality of Finndog left me on top of the world.


Top of Emerald.JPG


Falcon_O aka Charlie





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Nice in so many ways Charlie.


So Finn had you dragging a bit going uphill? No worries. For a few more months you can return the favor on the downhill leg. Next season though, all bets are off.

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It was great meeting Charlie and taking a little stroll up Emerald.  Walking up flat hard snow with poles isn't that bad; down hill is a different story. It's 2 miles up over 1000' and I was walking it everyday for some excercise and I was acclimated. I don't think Charlie had been at altitude long. He also didn't bring water: a cardinal sin....


Bazz' yeah, it is just about 3 weeks till the big day.

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