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The last part of our tour started with Kelly Canyon, about 20 minutes NE of Ririe, Idaho.  Kelly Canyon is a decent sized hill with four chairlifts and best known for their night skiing and great kid's programs.  We hit it during the day and were hoping to see some of their locals; moose.  No such luck but still had a pretty good run of the hill.



Heading up toward Driggs, we crossed the Wyoming line into Grand Targhee.  This is always a good ski where they average somewhere in the range of 500" of snow per year.  This year, we didn't hit the fresh but still got treated to some pretty good skiing. Maybe next year!



To finish the tour, we got treated to a day of cat skiing.  While it wasn't deep, it was still a lot of fun.  What's cool about GT Cat Skiing is that the area is intended for future expansion of the main resort.  So, the runs are already cut for the future leaving lots of open or gladed terrain that's just like having your own ski resort for you and about 10 of your friends.  We got lucky and it started the morning leading to some excellent fresh turns. Here's what we found:



And so ends our Southern Idaho Ski Tour for this year.  Thanks for watching!