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Suv service SLC - Park City

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Heading out in two weeks.  Looking for a recommendation for a company that offers private shuttle service from the airport to park city.  Anybody use somebody they really like?  Had a bit a of nightmare with one company (Stranded us at slc and had to take a taxi) don't feel like repeating that.  Looking for good service at a reasonable rate.  Thanks. 

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Wasatch crest shuttle - we have used them the last perhaps four years.  Excellent service, very good pricing compared to other companies. Highly recommend.

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I used to use PC Transportation all the time.  They're reliable, providing door to door service, at a very reasonable cost.  They're the only game in town way back when, however, I believe there are about a dozen of transportation service companies now.  I'm pretty sure that they still have a booth at the airport.  You have the option of van pool or private vehicle.

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How many are in your party? I found it cheaper to rent a SUV for my family of 4 than pay for shuttle service. Kayak is usually a good source for decent car rates, altough I got mine when Southwest was having a 30% off promo.

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