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Borrow boots from a friend?

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I'm a fairly novice skier (greens parallel are fine and dandy, blues still look steep and icy) and am going to Hunter on Wednesday to ski for the first time in two years.  I never had any of my own equipment although I plan to buy after I get a bit better, maybe by the end of the season after I ski another week or two.  My current reservation is my lack of skill and the fact that most on this forum seem to recommend at least an intermediate boot since you'll grow out of them too quickly if they are just beginner boots and a well-fit boot from a good bootfitter can last a decade or so (I'm basing this on 7-10 days a year).  I'm hoping to be more comfortable on blues before venturing into boots that will be good for my skill level then and let me grow into them.


BUT I have a friend who has ski boots in my size - I've tried them on and they are comfortable and snug.  We borrow each other's shoes, etc so we have about the same size foot.  I know it's not custom, but is it better than rental boots (standard sport rentals)?  I think they are fairly novice/intermediate boots because I can flex them and she's had them only two years with less than 2 weeks in them.  Is this just a bad idea?  I've heard that any boot is better than a rental boot... but I think the caveat is that they are your own. Is this an okay way to test boots to figure out what boot feels alright before you buy -- kind of like demoing boots as opposed to skis?  Are boots demo-able?

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I don't see a reason not to "borrow" a friends but the bigger question is if you and she feel confident to feel good on how well they fit? 


If your renting ski's and poles, the boots are effectively free if you can hit the rental at a non busy time and find/ask for someone there who can fit you correctly.  


It appears from other posting, you've read a bit on getting a feel for what one should expect for a decent fit.  Take along if you can anyone in your group who can help ensure you're fitted well but it never hurts to ask a lot of questions or present expectations prior to fitting.

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Well, assuming either of you know someone who really KNOWS how to ski and how a boot should fit, then it's entirely possible the boots would be just as good as rental boots.  Personally, I've never been impressed by the expertise of the guys in rental shops.  They just want you to move along.  

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I am renting skis and poles -- kinda come with my lift ticket package.  I was just wondering if its better to use real boots with four straps vs rentals with two or three -- okay gross generalization I know, but it's my observation and I think it's fairly accurate.  By real I mean the ones you can actually go out and buy from a bootfitter and don't look like plastic boxes.  It's like how you can tell rental ice skates from people who have their own - people don't just generally own brown lumpy looking skates with their size number on the back of the foot.  No she's not a boot fit expert - her parents just got her boots because it's what you're supposed to get first I think.  I was just also thinking it's not a bad idea to save the time and get onto skiing if I don't have to keep trying different sized boots to find the right one.  These ones seem to fit snuggly -- I'm typically a 6.5 womens and these are 23 so they correspond well.  Oh yes, and they are Head women's boots and difficult to get my foot into but afterwards walking around on carpet they seem okay - tight but it all depends on the buckles.

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The sizing doesn't really correspond to the mondopoint system reliably.  You need to yank out the liner, move your foot forward in the boot, and see how much space is behind your heel without the liner.  Read here to learn more.  Since these boots are practically NEW they are still not even packed out.  If you have too much space in the boot without the liner in it, then you are better off with properly-fit rentals than with these boots.  

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