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Boot/Binding positioning - avoiding hit 'n miss

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I feel I am getting the best glide when my weight is uncomfortably far back onto my heel so I'm thinking of shifting the bindings a little forward. I'd be very grateful for your input as there is almost nothing I can find about it online. 

My skis are 1.93m long. The length in contact with the ground (when at rest and unloaded) is 1.75m.




The measurements in red regarding the bindings are taken at a loading less than my full weigth (my guess at how the ski is loaded while gliding.). I'll call the section that's not in contact with the ground the "Pocket" as I have no idea what it's actually called (in Finnish or English!)


Currently, the back of this Pocket is 595mm from the rear of the ski. From the back of the Pocket to the toe of my boot is 290mm, and from the toe to the front of the Pocket is 350mm.


If I move the binding position 150mm forward then these two numbers become 480mm from the back of the pocket to the toe, and from the toe to the front of the pocket 140mm.


The pocket is more or less constant, 620-640mm, with the difference within measuring errors.  But the boot is less centred in the Pocket if the loading is moved forward. This presumably affects how they will grip as well as how they'll glide and balance. I guess that having the proportions so that the majority of the pocket is to the rear is a bit better for kicking than the other way around.  Is this right?


I am imagining that moving the boot position forward might be better for me, but I don't want to make the skis resemble Swiss cheese before figuring out what altering the positioning does, so I'd really value some guidance.


(FWIW the skis are Salamon Active 8)

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If you feel best glide is when you are uncomfortably far back, then moving the bindings forward will make the problem worse!




There could be other factors too...namely your boots.  Too much ramp or forward lean could be your issue and has nothing to do with your mount position.  You need to look at the whole picture not just parts in isolation.

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icon14.gif +1 on skidude's comments!  


Where you stand over the sweet spot of the ski will affect your fore/aft balance.  There are three other angles on this plane which will have an effect as well: boot board ramp, cuff forward lean, and delta which is the angle created by the stand height differential of the toe and heel piece and the boot sole length.


I wouldn't drill any holes until you understand the whole picture or have a competent boot fitter help you assess your situation.


good luck,




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You guys did notice he is talking about cross-country, not downhill, didn't you?

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Thanks folks! I thought my head was spinnning before but now it's burst!!


Skidude72: funnily enough that dawned on me with the light of today too!  D'Oh!!   Maybe they need to move back.


But as for "competent boot fitters". There are the boarders in the local sports hyperstore. But I think they'd just ask what I wanted them to do.


Believe me, I would DEFINITELY leave it to someone else to sort out if there was that option but the reason I'm here is 'cos there 'ain't :D

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