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Telluride 2/12-2/18

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Will be skiing Telluride for my first time ever Monday-Friday of next week.  Anyone interested in searching for inbounds powder stashes with me?  Send me a PM if interested. 



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Sorry, but I won't be there. One of only 3 years I haven't skiied Telluride in the last 15 (looking more and more like a bad call on my part). However, I would say that after exploring the usual in bounds choices, you should for sure hike the Gold Hill Chutes. If I remember correctly, Chute 9, right at the top of the stairs, is the best first introduction. Ask ski patrol to confirm that. Awesome run in fresh powder. Enjoy!

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Lucky. Looks like you're going to get some good snow in the next few days. I can't be up there until Friday unfortunately; I am driving up Thursday night.

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