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I have been posted a few times in various sections here regarding buying a 3 peice boot, namely a Full Tilt or Dal Krypton.  The boot I decided on was the Cross ID, but due to no local shops having it or any Kypton ID for that matter, I opted to buy a Rampage.  I'm really liking the boot but am also quite sure I want an ID liner.  First question - should i try for the Pro gold liner or the Cross silver liner considering i wanted the Cross in the first place. I find the Rampage a little soft but otherwise excellent.  Will the Rampage with the stiffer Pro liner make it feel more like a Cross?  As i've said, i can't find anyone who has the Pro or Cross with an ID and will need to have the liners ordered...which brings me to my second question - how to do order the ID liners from Dalbello and what do they cost.  I haven't been able to find a Dalbello Canada number to call, do you need to go through a shop to do this?  I'm interested in reading as much as possible about the differen liners so all info is welcome.


FYI - I was very close to buying the FT Konflict and liked the liner whereas i did not like the liner in the FT Booter as a reference point.




I'm located near Collingwood ON and bought the boots from Skiis and Biikes there.  I could travel to Ellicottville if anyone there has them as I like to get my stuff tuned at The City Garage there. Great ski shop who carries bump gear.