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Big Sky/Moonlight annual trip 3/17 to 3/24

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Hello Bears!


My wife and I are planning our annual ski road trip from the cornfields of MN to the beautiful mountains of SW MT. However, we are running into a couple booking issues.


We usually rent a cabin somewhere during the trip. We love the privacy of cabins, the experience, and the quiet of no shared walls. The last couple years we've stayed north of Big Sky around Gallatin Gateway, usually in the canyon off of 191. We always drive from MN so we will have a vehicle with us so distance isn’t much of an issue.


This year we'd like to rent a cabin/condo closer to Big Sky. It usually took us 40-60 min to drive from Gallatin Gateway to Big Sky, we want to try something different this year, and stay closer to the mountain. I've been hammering VBRO and other rental sites but haven’t had much luck finding anything that fits us. We are two serious skiing adults who don’t need a huge place (1 bdrm is ideal) but like to cook/prepare our own meals. Most of the stuff available is 3+ bedroom and over $1400 for the week, which is pretty steep for lodging for two people for a week.


Does anyone know of any places for rent, a bit off the beaten path, that we should look into? I don’t mind it being at the base of the mountain or near the entrance of Lone Mountain Trail, we just want to be a bit closer to Lone Peak and find a nice, private, affordable rental. We aren’t really interested in renting in one of the huge condo/hotel buildings, just looking for a affordable, private, quiet rental.


Any pointers/help would be really appreciated.

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Have you tried Powder Ridge Cabins?  Big Horn Condos? The Lake Condos are time shares, I don't know if they are available as straight rentals or not. All are on the bus route . . . but you said you have a car.  There are some Condos in Town Center called Candlelight or Fireside also, about seven miles down the spur road. Saddle Ridge (at Moonlight Basin?) Of these, I think only Powder Ridge are free standing and do not share a wall. They come in various sizes.  I think the others are fairly well built (Big Horn and Lake Condos) and don't have paper thin walls like the nightmare of a place we once rented at Copper.  Good luck!  It's snowing like mad here, so hoping to have great conditions.

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Look at Arrowhead condos at base

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Or Stillwater, also right near the base

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Just finished up a week at Big Sky with friends.  We had enough to use the 2BR or 3BR VRBO condo options.  A few folks stayed at a lodge on 191.  Perhaps 10 min from the turn off to head up to Big Sky, so 20-30 min from the Big Sky Mountain Village.  They said it was good.  Have ski packages.





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Well, then, that brings up the 320 Ranch!  It's just a bit further down the road and has deluxe one couple cabins from about $150 a night this time of year. beercheer.gif

Great restaurant, and all you can eat prime rib for $15 on Mondays.



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The prime rib dinner at 320 Ranch was great!  Glad we got there early.  Much easier to find before dark.  About 20 minutes from Meadow Village so on the order of 35-45 min from Big Sky.

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