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For sale .

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This is a revision of a just posted ad for the sale of new skis , which left out vital info .


The skis are brand new 2012 180 cm Blizzard Bushwackers . They are mounted with Marker Grissom bindings , and have not been skied . The price is $490 .

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I think you mean marker griffons.

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I have several items for sale, my 9 year old son has out grown his ski stuff.

I have the following items for sale:
Helmet with googles ( blue with sponge bob on the side) 40.00
Brand new boots purchase last year ( used 2x's last year) 80.00
Skies (bought used, I've had them 3 years) 80.00

I would like to post pictures of everything but not sure how to.
If you are interested in anything let me know. Pricing is not set in stone!!
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