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SOME QUICKIE REVIEWS 2012-2013: Goode Fire, Goode Plunge

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I spent two days at the NEWSR / EWSRA  on-snow demo event trying some of the offerings from some smaller brands (Goode, KLIИT, Lib-Tech, Liberty, Surface, Line) for 2012-2013.  I prefer to post full-reviews, but since the only snow available was cold, man-made hardpack, packed chalk and boilerplate with some frozen granular thrown in, it really wasn't fair to the fatter skis designed for 3D snow...and I only took two runs on each pair of skis.  Conditions were superb to test the behavior and personality of the skis on a variety of groomers, and, with some sidewall-depth packed powder and granular here and there, it was good enough to get a feel for how the skis changed behavior when they got "in" snow instead of "on" snow.  So...consider my reviews as "hardsnow reviews" only.....here we go...in no particular order...with some random photos thrown in...

Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Statton Mountain Resort - VT
Number of Runs: 2 runs on each
Snow Conditions: Man-made hardpack, boilerplate, packed powder and frozen granular, never deeper than sidewall-depth.
Demo or Own: Demo

Tester Info:

Username: ExoticSkis
Age: 52
Height/Weight: 183lbs - 5'11"
Ski Days/Season: varies
Years Skiing: 50
Aggressiveness: Aggressive(Driver)
Current Quiver:  IDone TR-TTM, IDone TR-TTR, Edewiser Speed, Palmer P02, Anton Dynamics UFOriaXA, Edewiser Firnis, Praxis Concepts, DPS RP-112 Hybrid, various demos of lots of other brands
Home Area: Vermont
Preferred Terrain Trees w/ pow and Groomers



2012-13 Goode Fire  $1,190 MSRP (website)
Length Tested: 177
Dimensions/Turn Radius: 135-98-125 / 18.5m
Camber: conventional w/slight rocker (mild)
Binding: Demo
Mount point: Suggested (boot center)


The guys at the Goode tent said their models are aimed at the 30-60 year old market (roughly), so they should be easy to ski and full of performance.  I had not skied any previous versions of Goode's skis, only read others reports, so this was my virgin Goode experience...expecting to feel some high-tech tension and power, with intense grip and perhaps some carbon-nervousness, I found something completely different.  The Fire 98 was a perfectly pleasant and capable all-mountain ski with easy turn initiation, fairly decent, but not intense grip, slightly understated rebound response with no real snap or authority...just a friendly, stable, predictable ride in both short and longer-radius turns.  I kept expecting more out of the ski, but what I kept getting was Casper Milktoast.  The immediate thought came to mind of a semi-retired, advanced intermediate guy with a timeshare out west as the ideal customer.  Maybe this is what they are shooting for, and if so, they hit it right on.  If they are looking to please an enthusiast with any hopes of athletic performance, I think they undershot the target. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the ski. It is balanced, predictable, reliable and perfectly pleasant.  It handles nicely at slow and higher speeds. It just lacks the zing I was expecting from high-tech carbon fiber masters like Goode. When asked about the core materials, the Reps said "wood".  If it was anything special, they would have mentioned it I think.


Perfectly pleasant, if not slightly underwhelming performance in an easy-handling, predictable chassis with a wide range of versatility.  Wake me when its over. Maybe I just got a bad pair?


Ideal for the semi-retired skier looking for a one-ski western-waisted ride who doesn't like surprises and values reliable handling in all conditions without a great deal of effort.


Expensive performance / price ratio. Bland looking graphics.



2012-13 Goode Plunge $1,000 MSRP (website)
Length Tested: 178
Dimensions/Turn Radius: 120-74-104 / 15.8m
Camber: conventional
Binding: Demo
Mount point: Suggested (boot center)


After the lackluster performance of the 98mm waisted "Fire", I was psyched to get the "Plunge" with its 74mm waist and full conventional camber onto the excellent carving surfaces at the show.  I was hoping to feel some of the snap and zing I had read about from reviews of previous carbon composite Goode carving skis in years past.  Again, I found lackluster performance no matter how I skied this model.  It held its grip fairly well, but nothing exceptional.  It was fairly responsive, but not impressive.  It actually slipped a bit on the boilerplate, even with a good technique.  This being the first real on-snow demo show of the season, the skis were pristine and in good tune (I checked), so it was not the tune.  There was no real feeling of power in the Plunge, as it took direction from the skier perfectly fine, but never returned any real reward.  It was predictable and fairly stable and quiet for a 74mm waisted carver, but it did not inspire confidence at speeds on hard surfaces.  It behaved nicely and made nice turn shapes on the softer surfaces, but I felt it had been "neutered" and lacked the spunk I was expecting.  Maybe I expected too much, or the change of design and revamp of the Goode ski lineup last year resulted in a mild-mannered product.  In any case, I came away disappointed, and I really had gone into the runs with hopes of liking the carbon composite Goode skis.


Same as the Fire reviewed above. Perfectly pleasant, if not underwhelming performance..  Wake me when its over.
Maybe I just got a bad pair?


Can't really think of any real positive notes about this ski, especially for $1000.


Expensive performance / price ratio. Bland looking graphics.


Goode Plunge (left 3 skis) and Goode Fire (second and third skis from the right)



Tails of skis from first pic



Goode Fire (second and third skis from left) and Goode Plunge (3 skis on the right)



Tips of Goode Fire (note the screws)


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Good time of the day to all!

Thanks to the "ExoticSkis" for such a great review on Goode's skis. I am currently looking for a new setup for myself and from this post I grabed some new info that made me go the other way in finding the best setup for myself.

Why I am here is to get some help in picking the right skis for myself and need some advice from ExoticSki or anyone else who will provide the accurate information with reasonable arguments

As I mentioned before I am looking for a good skis set for myself, but they have to be light cause I recently got of my light skis and I can't find any good skis to subsitute the old set.

I have been skiing for 8 years now and my set up was Nordica Supercharged Full Twin Tip as sometimes I to spin a bit and go backwards but nothing crazy in the park or so and after getting of those skis I had many different ones and they all are heavy to me and I can't do jumps and spins I used to do so easy on my old ones, even though the size is the same, the skis are just way to heavy for me or something

My weight is still the same and I didn't grow up so the problem is I think is the skis

My size now is 6'2" and weight is 220lb, build structure.

Need some help in chosing the right skis set up

Style of skiing: agressive,jumps,spins and everything else that comes on the way

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